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Wednesday, February 11, 2004  

Here’s what I like in today’ slide show off the NYT web site:

The long leather gloves, worn with Douglas Hannant’s cream colored luncheon suit. In fact, I rather like the suit with it’s slightly curved waist and 3/4 sleeves. But it’s those long gloves I’ve been looking for, for perhaps 15 years. Lord let those filter down to Hechts and Dillards next fall. Please.

The Beige Beaded evening dress from the Reem Acra show. Very 20's. Not something to wear at the outings I attend, but I liked it nonetheless.

The high lace up boots in the Marc Jacobs show, worn with what looked like blue tweed nickers. Also the huge black picture hat worn with another Marc Jacobs dress, in a sleepy color of cold coffee. Too much decolletage, of course, but after all, this is New York. And I’m old, but I used to like the plunging neckline a lot, 30 years ago.

BTW, Mr. Jacobs was fairly well trashed by the article, but that’s only because his showing was so conventional. If you wanted black and white striped mohawks and fishnet stockings beneath an old west saloon girl dance hall dress, Betsy(e) Johnson had what you were looking for. Always room for a little theater in these shows, I’m sure.

I’ve been somewhat surprised at all the use of tweed in these spring shows - maybe they are fall shows. Could that be it? The fall lines are being shown in February? I guess so. I’m not that up on the fashion calendar.

Last night was a delightful gathering of the Tuesday Night Knitters. New students came along with old friends and there was much talk, much knitting and lots of energy. I can’t ever knit in a crowd, unless it’s a crowd of, say, three, max. But I can enjoy the energy. I did not finish the Stars sweater and I”m gonna log off here soon to see if I can do so. I reeeeealy want to wear it today. The fabric is such a ball of fur that it’s very easy to darn in the threads. Nothing would show in this eyelashy stuff. But it’s extremely difficult to sew up the underarm seams. The gold lace neckline is so tight it’s real work to pull the thing over my head. It’s even harder to drag it off! I’ll wear it for the morning, but when I go to the gym at lunch I’m going to change into something different. The plan is to rip out the gold yoke and knit it back and forth, leaving an opening I can close with a loop and a button. But that is for next Christmas time. This is definitely a costumish sort of garment - just right for viewing NYT fashion slide shows. But I don’t plan to wear it all that much - it was intended to be worn at Christmas parties and they don’t come around for 10 more months.

Last night was also WW and it was fun to go and not have to get on the scales. It is also a good thing, since I know I haven’t been eating right for 3 weeks. There’s bound to be some evidence on the scales. There sure is evidence in my fingernails, which are splitting all over the place. So - today it’s back on the wagon, complete with a workout, all the water I’m supposed to drink, the 5 F&V’s and keeping that food journal. None of my clothes are complaining, mind you, but I want those healthy habits back again - and if it requires more structure, then, heck, structure it shall be.

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