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Friday, February 13, 2004  

“Great beauties gone mad" was the theme, if not the spirit, of taffeta blouses with sleeves exploding like peonies

Doncha just love fashion talk? Yes, I’m still reading Fall Fashion News in the NYT. If you like shrugs you will see plenty of them come September. And Big Cat Print silk coats. And jackets that look like Peruvian rugs. (?!?!?) Mainly, though, be prepared to see lots of tawny brown and black mixed with steel blue grey. Yea Fashion colors. Or - non-colors.

It’s a good feeling to have Friday roll around again. Especially when it comes after a fairly productive week at work. We’ve got Monday off and I’m reeeeeealy ready to enjoy 3 days off in a row. Though I have some serious housecleaning to do, I’m planning on doing plenty of fiber work too. Dragged out HeyBaby yesterday and began spinning my birthday merino again. When I plied up the last two bobbins I got a fairly bulky yarn and less than 200 yards of it at that. It’s extremely softly spun. Most of my handspun is soft but this is the softest I’ve done yet. Interesting that my yarn always comes out so soft-spun, since I still consider myself something of a beginner - perhaps an advanced beginner, but certainly not more than that. I haven’t tried to knit with the yarn yet - mostly I’m trying to match up today’s spinning with yarn I made 2 weeks ago.

My only knitting yesterday was a few rounds of the Toasty Toes sock. I did paw through the BW books and brought home book 1. I thought I found the perfect cables to make my BFL aran, but now, of course, I can’t remember which ones got me so excited.

Some important knitting shopping occurred, though, when I succumbed to Elann’s fabulous deal on Norwegian Sport Wool in bright!!! colors of yellow, green, purple and tangerine. Yep. I got the last 2 balls of tangerine. I’m really in the mood for kiddie colors and fair isle knitting. Maybe a bunch of hats, maybe some children’s sweaters, maybe a cardigan for me. This is to make up for not buying the happy colors of Australian wool at The Needle Lady in Charlottesville last month.

I dragged myself back onto my healthy WW routine this week; just in time, too. I had not been doing anything right - and suspect, be it chicken or be it egg, that had aided and abetted the blue devils dragging me down last week. A couple of workouts, with weights and aerobics combined, plenty of water and some heaping plates of steamed veggies have gone a long way towards putting a smile back on my face. It’s so easy to forget the physical contributors to depression and think it’s all in my emotions - all in my head.

So, here’s to a good memory, next time, and a great weekend coming up. BD and I are off to play in Richmond tomorrow and I’ll be playing with a girlfriend on Monday. Hmmm. Looks like Sunday is vacuum day. Or IgnoreTheDirt day.

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