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Thursday, February 12, 2004  

Funny how some days you just don’t feel like saying anything. Funny for me, anyway, who never got a report card that didn’t say “A lovely child, but she talks too much”. I am still struggling with what to knit next. I’ll finish up my sock this morning and will probably cast on SecondSock right away, but socks are not projects for me. They are ‘tweeners, for doing between projects. Hats feel the same way to me. I guess the only real project, to my idiotic mind, is a sweater. I like afghans and wish someone else would make me one, and I like shawls and probably will make myself one. But it’s the longing for sweaters that drives the needles.

I’ve decided to set the PBBSHO yarn down again. Evidently, I’m not ready to work with it - though I still think it might do well as a Sleeves in your Pi shawl/shrug/sweater/thingey- but I don’t want to swatch it any more. I believe that if I don’t make something with it the next time I haul it out of the stash, I will give it away. I did pull out a skein of the olive green blue faced Leicester (think it’s a Berroco yarn) and gave it a good lookover. This is one of the oldest yarns in the stash, bought back in ‘01 to knit an aran sweater. It’s a gorgeous yarn, soft and springy, with a hint of sheen to it, due to the long fibers in the fleece of a BFL. I don’t know exactly what cables I want to use in my aran. I own two Barbara Walker stitch books, but none of the cables leap out at me and say “Knit Me! Knit Me!” Now that I’ve had the joy of knitting a conversational sweater, I don’t care to knit anything that doesn’t speak to me. For all that she gave me such a fit last March, Flidas (who is still on the missing sweaters list) really raised the bar, when it comes to the TotalKnittingExperience and I don’t care to lower it again. I love it when my projects talk to me. In fact, I don’t intend to spend time with any silent, sulky project. So - today the plan is to check out BW#1 and 3 from the library and see what’s hidden in those stitch pattern treasure troves.

The hard freeze of winter seems to be over. Thank goodness, too, because the road is collapsing. The Ds are planning a major purchase of tractor and blade - at last - but that sort of road work has to be done in the summer. I haven’t had a good walk in a long time and don’t know what is poking it’s head out of the ground, but it’s time to see signs of spring and I’m really looking forward to it. This weekend I’ll check the lane for daffodil tips. Maybe even do a little garden clean-up. There’s plenty to do. Poor thing has been so neglected for so long it’s more like the Secret Garden than the photo tour I have posted here.

So - the earth turns and tilts ever closer towards the sun and life urges me to get a move on. In partnership with clocks and calendars, the seasons stake their claim on our lives. What do you say? Is time your friend or is time your enemy?

posted by Bess | 6:26 AM