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Monday, February 16, 2004  

For productive fiberworks, yesterday was pretty much a bust. I swatched some with the Norwegian Wool, ripped, cast on some ribbing for what I hoped would be a child’s hat, that is looking more like a small adults. I love this yarn. I love the colors and love knitting with it - very much like good quality sock yarn, but there is never, on the green earth, going to be a day when I will look good in Easter egg colors. I’m just to yellow. Sigh. I’m glad I bought them, because it will push me into knitting charity items - something I’ve felt the urge to do, but have so far, resisted. Little socks, mittens, and hats are the future of this lovely yarn. If I’m lucky to find it in other colors someday, flattering to me colors, then I know exactly what I shall knit with it.

It’s altogether weird to have the urge to create something and no ability to settle on the what of it. There’s this sensation of a project sort of dancing in the peripheral of my consciousness, teasing, whispering, but not revealing itself. Eh. Well. T’aint nothin’ I kin do about it. I shall just have to content myself with swatches, itty bitty projects, and a sort of cooking process which occurs inside a brain that isn’t ready to commit. My only fear is that, in such a mental, state I shall begin shopping, caught up in that quest for revelation where one begins to think “Well, maybe what I need is that bag of Cashmerino Aran to knit up a lovely aran sweater.... or this collection of Dale sport weight in 39 different colors to make my stranded colorwork masterpiece.” Sort of like going grocery shopping when one is hungry. Ahh well. Only time will tell, right?

Today I hit the road, aimed north and west, to go play in Jen’s dyepot I haven’t dyed anything since warm weather. Wonder if I remember how. I also hope to dig my fingers into some of her more exotic fibers. Best of all, though will be camaraderie with a like-minded woman; an emotional, mental and spiritual connecting that fills one with deep joy.

The work week ahead looks pretty packed. In fact, till the latter half of March, I shall be swamped with deadlines. Our budget is due on the 15th of March and before then we have to throw ourselves upon the mercy of the local elected officials. Our workload has increased by about 70% over the past 3 years and workforce has remained exactly what it was in the last century. There is an art exhibit going up in our meeting room, complete with opening night reception, during this period and we’re at the production stage of a strategic planning process - where ideas have gelled but now must be translated into writing on paper to be copied, collated and distributed.

Hmmm.. Looks like if I”m going to take a week’s vacation in March it will have to be in April. Ain’t that just like life - to sneak in there and steal away your down-time?

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