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Saturday, February 07, 2004  

Barring 6 phone bills that have to be requested from the phone company, we are done with the TaxLady. This is a good feeling, because neither BD nor I like to look at paper filled with tiny little numbers in parentheses. That’s probably why I design my own sweaters. So I don’t have to read patterns. It gets worse, the older I get, too - the focal length can only be adjusted with glasses, which distract me terribly, and the linear thinking of the pattern writers never marches with my particular brain waves. Couple that with the natural process orientation of an ENFP (how I love to blame things on horoscopes and personality types), as in - "who cares what the pattern says? I’m just here to knit" - and you have a very short list of FOs.

The big joke, of course, was that the poor TaxLady had to walk in. February is MudSeason in VA. The hard freezes of this particular January guaranteed deep thick mud. Many’s the day I’ve slid right off the road, trying to drive home. “Just stay on the road”, says BD, as if I had anything to say about it when the MudMonster rose up out of the field and grabbed the front end of my car and yanked it out into that morass of pudding textured earth. When we drove home on Thursday it took a good 10 minutes to drive the half mile from mailbox to house and even Himself did a good bit of slip’n’sliding. On top of that, torrential rains began to fall about 6 a.m., adding slurry to the soupy road. The TaxLady is extraordinarily suburban and thinks she’s come to the true boondocks when she sees trees along I95. Nothing in her past could have prepared her for the Mudville Flats of upper Tidewater VA. The sure knowledge that we’d have to call in one of the local farmers to haul her out of the field did not bode well for a good night’s sleep.

BD knew this as well as I, though he refused to admit it. I know he knew it, because he walked out to the mailbox about the time she should be arriving and escorted her up to the house through the woods path. It’s a beautiful walk, and the rain was only a slight drizzle so she got in her aerobic workout on company time.

The good thing about it all was that we were done by noon and I had the rest of the day off. I got to take a nap. BD read me 3 short stories while I knit on the second fair isle sock, and last night we watched the first two episodes of Xena, Warrior Princess. BD is far more innocent of pop culture than I, because of course, I work in the library and have to at least know what’s in People Magazine. Somebody gave the library the first season of X,WP on video and when BD saw the box he really got excited. Well, he doesn’t get too many leather bustier clad gals in his life. With real guilty pleasure we sat down last night to pizza and pop culture, whispering through naughty laughter about how we would explain this to LD of the HighStandards and LowTolleranceForInanity, when who should walk in but our in loco parentis himself. Of course he thought it was a hoot to catch his parents wallowing in CultTV and even stayed to watch the last episode. “That’s how TV sucks you in” was his only comment.

No, we probably won’t watch any more. Or - no, I probably won’t watch any more. BD said he thought it was a good antidote to another night with Elizabeth Bennet, but I never get tired of my real friends.

We’re off today to visit some of those real friends - who have the added benefit of being family. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Bedford, VA - one of the prettiest little mountain towns you’ll ever see. We don’t usually travel in winter because we heat with wood, but now we have LD to check up on the fire and feed the dogs. I have sock yarn and Nancy Bush’s book Knitting on the Road. I’ll finish up the fair isle sock, sew up the seams in the Stars sweater (which I want to wear for the Valentine’s day story hour next week) and cast on another sock. This time I want one with a bit of cabling texture.

Still in a quandary about the PBBSHO yarn. Sigh. And still yearning for a big juicy sweater to get into. But these things will come. I can’t force them. Just have to let the muse do things in her own time. If nothing else inspires, I’ll follow Martheme’s lead and knit gift hats. Whatever, I have 8 hours of driving to knit through. What a treat.

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