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Thursday, January 22, 2004  

While not actually admitting to any specific, structured, goal-oriented, time-driven needlework at the moment, I am consciously trying to spend more time on my projects than in the recent past. (Cavil, cavil, cavil) This is good. Everyone needs evidence of productivity, but this ENFP ditherer needs it more than usual. Stuff is again happening in my life. Right now, my need for proof that I am a good girl is enormous.

Evidence on the spinning wheel is the second bobbin of lovely merino top, spinning up (Gad - I've never even measured it!) into a medium brown full of green and red glints. If you were to look at the bump you'd say "oh, a red yarn blended with some other colors." But those other colors combine to make said brown. I feel silly that I don't have the WPI, but I did make a control yarn. It's tied to a wheel spoke. I bet it will knit up at 4 st. to the inch. It's soft but defined and I am really tempted to copy the vest that Jen knit out of her handspun, made from the same fiber, but in a different color. She used some thickly spun angora to trim the vest and the fibers popped out of the yarn making the trim look like fur. Tres Chic et En Vogue. Besides, she wouldn't care if I copied her. We often laugh at how our tastes march together.

On the needles is the completed body of the Stars sweater and about 6 inches of sleeve one. Since the sleeves are 3/4 length, I shall knit only 12 inches before I join them to the body. It's going very fast and using very little yarn. I am positive there'll be enough for the detachable cowl, so I am more sure than ever that the gold lace trim at the last neckline decrease will work. No promises, now, not till I get there, but a real possibility.

This sweater will certainly be a ball of fire, er.. ball of fur ... um ... cloud of red fuz. I don't know what it is about wearing such a mountain of fluff that I find so attractive - the sensualist in me, I suppose. I really do strip down and roll in my Ab Fab fibers. A scarf may be more tasteful, certainly more adult, but the idea of wrapping myself in glitter/fluff/shine/sparkle/magic truly feeds something. I don't imagine wearing this garment much - only to parties during any of the Cold Red Holidays. (Valentines Day. Christmas. New Years. Chinese New Year.) And I can imagine it with jeans as a sort of in-your-face funky look.

I made something similar out of Dune. I bought a skein for a scarf. Went back for a second one thinking it wasn't enough. Bought more later. Realized I wanted to wrap myself in this glittery, fuzzy stuff, finally knit a cap-sleeved sweater with an enormous cowl and I do love to wear it except:

It is too bulky to fit beneath any jacket
The cap sleeves aren't warm in cold weather
The sweater body is too hot to wear in cap-sleeve-wearing weather
It's way too big on me now

I will eventually rip that sweater out and make something else with it - but that is for tomorrow - at Tara.

The final Proof-of-Alrightedness today will be BD's company as I trek to Richmond. There is nothing so wonderful as a BIG MAN to:

drive your car for you,
get it out of your hair while you do Stuff,
pick you up when you’re done,
add his BIG presence when you face Other Stuff,
take you away when it is all over,
poke fun at life
arrange a play-date with friends
take you home

I am so utterly grateful that I don't have to face rush-hour traffic and car parking at 8:30 in the a.m. in downtown Richmond during the legislative session. That, alone, is worth about fortylevendyhundredthousand dollars.

I haven't been able to get much exercise this week and I think it's affecting my spirits. Last night's new moon ought to have opened doors for me - and it actually may have, who knows? It just doesn't feel like it yet.

Hmm. But just think, I get to knit all the way to Richmond.

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