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Monday, January 12, 2004  

A very brief entry today as I must dash out early. I want to attend the fiber guild meeting , which I attend only rarely, because it meets on a work day morning and is an hour and a half away. It's a very nice and creative bunch of women and a fellow library director is a member. She's doing a demonstration of steeks next month and I offered to help. I'm pushing it, to take off so much time right now, but I'm in the mood to push.

So - some important resonses:

First - to you SusanKS: - the Falkland Island Polwarth which is, btw, in huge snowy heaps piled on any flat surface I can find - came from the shepherdess Susan Hansen of Main Point Farm in the FI’s. I found her info in the Spinner's Notebook. She had provided the sample. When I contacted her it was DeadOfWinter down below, so I had to wait for springtime, and after her real spring work was done. She's not a retail establishment and ships her fleece to England every year. She warned me that the shipping is likely to cost more than the price of the wool but I insisted. I wanted something really special. I got it.

Necia and Jahara - thank you so much for the encouragement and advice about the hunger issue. TthePT actually suggested I add protein to my diet - at least one serving. Well - the whole thing is a fun journey and I'm sure I'll find that place of balance. I have another session with TthePT today and one more next week and then I'll probably settle into monthly sessions with her.

Finished the toe of Second Sock yesterday, ripped out toe of First Sock and got it back on the needles - and then started the Stars sweater. Yeah - I know. That's so typical of me, to get to the finish line and then wander off onto something else. Sigh. I swear I will take that darned sock with me to Fiber Guild and finish it. Enough is enough.

The Friday Event is ON and I am so looking forward to it. J, L, R and I will rendezvous in Charlottesville, dine, shop at the yarn shop, then head out to Stony Mountain Fibers and our darling Barbara Gentry. She's offered to let me use her picker and electric carder to card up all my F I Polwarth. I can stay till it's done! What a way to start a 4-day weekend! And it's only 4 days away!!

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