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Friday, January 23, 2004  

So yesterday my favorite astrologer said "Strike while the iron is lukewarm!".

Reader: Do you really believe that stuff?

Moi: (shrugs) I dunno

Reader: Oh come on Moi. You've got to be kidding!

Moi: (lifts eyebrows)

Reader: Yeah, right. So on any given day one twelfth of the population is going to be striking while the iron is hot?

Moi: No. I never said that. Do you take all the advice you are given?

Reader: Not usually from astrologers

Moi: Advice is advice and if it sounds like it might work, you probably ought to take it.

Which, my dears, I did. I took it to mean that, even though that which I felt obliged to do yesterday seemed futile, and I contemplated every strategy I could devise for ducking it, in the end I must gird loins, don armour, pull sword from sheath and venture forth across the line which reads "Here be dragons".

The armour, of course, was BD by my side. Nothing like having a GreatBigMan as a companion, to give you confidence. The sword was my sharp ears and ready tongue. Who would ever have believed that a certain political situation could suddenly turn in my favor? What if I had decided to go shopping instead of doing my dooty? What useful things I learned! What a fabulous joke, if the past 3 years of really nasty political maneuvering would suddenly turn on the maneuverors and grant me what I've wanted for so long? What a wicked grin I'm biting behind my placid face.

The only loss I suffered yesterday was one of my good leather gloves, dropped somewhere in the General Assembly Building, but I felt so much evil glee, I stopped by a big department store on the way home and bought another pair; this one lined with cashmere. Gloves in late January are a lot cheaper than gloves in November.

We spent lunchtime with Mama who celebrated her xxth birthday, somewhat subdued, for Daddy's recovery from last fall's surgery is very slow and she had a bump this week too. Chocolate Mousse Cake did some good, and, because the boys ate double portions, and the cake was small, we got the delicious treat but not the danger of overeating.

With BD doing all the driving I was able to knit, what looks to me, like the whole sleeve. I'll measure today but it's not quite so easy measuring a sleeve made of Stars. It's so slippery and furry it's a tad difficult to decide. Trying to measure in a car is not much different from trying to put your makeup on in a car. You can do it, but will you like the results?

Anyway - it's nigh on to being done. I plan to attach it to the body rather than try to put all the stitches on a thread holder. The fewer times I have to move those stitches from needle to holder to needle, the better. Then I'll start sleeve #2. They go mighty quickly. I am sure I started sleeve #1 after the weekend. Might just finish this baby before February.

The evening was spent with beloved friends P and D, full of company, conversation, and food of paradisiacal splendor. It is not often this WW graduate eats two deserts in a day, but then, it is even more rare to be offered Orange Angelica Cheese Cake with Shortbread Crust.

Now that I have made your mouth water you may go get breakfast - or lunch - as the case may be. I am going to go spin.

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