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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

Second post of the day


Another day off. Freezing drizzle is so bad even the county administrator is opening late and encourages department heads to use discretion. Since I don't want any more octogenarians smashing up their cars, I closed the library. Knitting class is also canceled but I'll call around and see if we can make up the class on Thursday.

The Stars sweater is done, but for the weaving in and underarm grafting. That is one of my favorite parts of knitting a sweater. It feels like dressing your little child in the morning, a little pat here, a tender tucking in there and it's ready to be launched into the world.

And the sweater really is cute. It's very TexasChic and frou-frou. It looks like a big puff of red when worn over slim black stretch velvet pants. Yeah I know, I'm a bit old for this look, but it's sooooo cute. If the sweater doesn't meet with EscortApproval well - well, just see. If I really feel silly in it, I'll give it to one of my 20-something neices or cousins.

Photos once I can get to a scanner.

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