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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  


How much can Bess get in before she has to dress for work?

Here goes:

Jahara, grand to hear from you. I am always wondering how you’re doing and miss your pithy comments a lot - on whatever, mind, not just on knitting. Catherine, good on you, as the Aussies say, you and offspring, for shaking your booties. I, too, think exercise is an essential - like food, shelter, water and clothing.


In fact, if I were in charge, no one could have elective orthopedic surgery without 6 weeks or 6 months of regular sessions with a personal trainer first. After watching my mother go from being something of a cripple to a real cripple, beneath the hands of auto-mechanic egomaniac orthopedic quacks, who never once looked at the person they were performing their fancy-shmancy acts upon - I think they should all be locked up.

Anyone in such bad shape she needs to have her knee replaced has not walked in years; has instead sat, depressed and in pain, often doing nothing much of anything. It will have been ages since she carried in a 20 lb. bag of groceries - upper body muscles, always the first to go, are about as useful as cooked spaghetti. So now some jerk with MD behind his name, a yacht payment to make, and blinders on his head, comes in with knives and drugs and smashes what's left of the rotten leg, and then tells her to hop on the other foot and while supporting herself with those spaghetti-arms and using a walker!

What is wrong with this picture?

And what if he has 2 yacht payments to make? So he does this twice in 12 months! And what if he has never asked this woman if she has a history of vigorous exercise? What if he doesn’t give a ____? What if he tells her "My patients don’t need scooters. My patients all get well." And what if her idea of exercising is to lift a paintbrush - with grace, skill and artistic magic - but by golly, not with free weights attached? I think it is criminal!

And just think for a moment - what if he had told her no surgery unless she spent 3 hours a week for 3 months - with a personal trainer, to be sure she was really building muscle, not just using momentum to swing weight around. What if her back, abdomen, arms, chest, and shoulders had gotten some vigor back to them - what if, huh? How much less pain she would have suffered. How much more quickly she would have been mobile again. How much faster the blood would circulate, even when she's sleeping!! - carrying health-building oxygen to healing muscle? Heck! How much less would it have cost the frickin' insurance company if they had paid for a whole-body, whole-person approach, instead of the auto-mechanic’s approach?

There otta be a law!


I got home yesterday to find 3 packages in the mailbox. Oh happy day! It's Falkland Island Polwarth fleece from Susan Hansen of Main Point Farm, Falkland Islands FIQQIZZ. How cool is that? It's gorgeous. no... it is


I am soooo excited. I discovered her in the Spinner's Notebook, the source of which I haven't time to track down, but which I bought at Stony Mt. Fibers (see link to the right) last May.

This is a soft, fine, crimped wool with a beautiful color even still in the grease. I'm shivering at the thought of it - and will wash some this morning and lay it out to dry while I'm at work. I’ve just got to spin a tad of it tonight, even if I am dooty bound to do income tax stuff too. I'll have paid a fortune for it - Susan gave me an estimate up front, but is billing me after she receives notice that I've gotten the shipment. Paying more for shipping than for the wool, I suspect. After all, it came from an island off the coast of Argentina! But it's something I've drooled over for a long time. In the end, the yarn I spin from this will cost as much as a high end commercial wool yarn - but I will have that little delighted secret knowledge that it's not a h-e-c-wool, but uniquely mine.

I'll have more to share about this gorgeous stuff after the weekend.


Looks like a yarn crawl outing is in the offing. Who's up for lunch in Middleburg and a day at HCY? Jen? Lissa? Miss Poo? I know Robyn wants to go. What do you think? I have January 16 off, and it’s a Friday....

Still on target with WW, btw. 3 more weeks and I'll be considered "lifetime". I've actually put on just under a lb. but I haven't tried to loose anything during the holidays. I am thinking, though, that I'd like to go down about 5 more lbs so today I begin anew with the actual weight loss part of things.

Okay - still have 20 minutes to eat breakfast and chat with BD. Today is Wednesday. Wednesday means Story Hour.

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