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Saturday, January 03, 2004  

Only two days left of the Great Time Off Season and I'm feeling weepy about it. I suppose there's been enough up and down in my life the last 10 days to cause this emotional shift, including some OtherNews about which I haven't posted, beause it's other people's personal stuff, but I like to blame it on the coming return to 9 - 5 - or in my case, 10 - 6.

I believe, though, I shall complain about the trifles - like bead knitting. The first time I ever sat down to knit with wire and beads was with Annie at the ‘03 Knitters Review Retreat. With proper coaching, in 2 hours I knit the coolest agate necklace. So cool, co swift, so chic I was ready to blast off. A week later and $85 lighter, I stepped out of a bead shop in Richmond prepared to fill the treasure chest with beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets. Harumph. The wire hurts my fingers, it spins off the wheel and tangles - dear hearts - just like yarn, only it's wire!!, the holes are hard to see, my needles fall out of my hands - something is trying to lodge in my brain, but I won't hear it yet.

I certainly love fondling the beautiful gem chips, I lust over the weight and sheen of the stones, I drool at the thought of wearing the things. Evidently, the time is not right. So - into the box they shall go, as soon as I finish up the sodalite necklace in silver wire. I’m at the cast off stage of that and expect I can finish it up today. And I shall work on LD's sock some more. Sock Karma in the way here, too.

Truth is - though I have mountains of beautiful yarns and fibers, I still haven't done my project inventory. I suspect that's the flip side of the stash inventory and by leaving it unexamined, I can't get inspired about any single project. Their cacophony of begging - “Knit meeeeee - “No, spin meeeee!“ - echoing through the house, leaves me deaf to any of them.

So - until Monday, when Mercury is no longer in retrograde, I believe I shall not try to start - or even complete anything. Instead, I'll go to the gym, and the grocery store, and come back to the Thursday-cleaned house, and finish up the New Year’s Hopes and Dreams list.

It is going to hit 70 tomorrow!!

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