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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Okay - no hard and fast goals yet - waiting till the new moon, tonight. But I got some knitting and some spinning in yesterday. I've filled one bobbin with the merino blend J gave me for my birthday. I'll start bobbin #2 today. And I'm in the first short row for the bust darts in the Stars sweater. Alas, I've already dug out some of the neatly put-away magazines, but that was only to take them to my Choose-Your-Project class' opening session last night.

I have 5 students, 4 of whom are intermediate to experienced knitters. The experienced one hasn't knit in ages and has never felted. She wants to make the BaaBaaJo’s felt hat to jump back into knitting. A perfect choice since it is fast and easy, and chic. 3 of the students want to do socks. This shall be fun and they'll be surprised at how quickly they go. If they like I'll suggest a second pair of socks with beaded cuffs. I encouraged them to try the 2 circular method but also assured them double points are not only fine, they are a fun skill to have, useful for showing off in front of non-knitters.

The 4th student wants to knit a Lopi-style sweater and ordered the yarn from Carodan Farms last night. That was fun. She has knit sweaters before and “none of them ever fit!!” It'll be fun to help her knit one that does fit. The 5th student is a beginner and she said she wanted to knit the basic stranded colorwork hat - she liked my sample, which, alas, is sadly tired looking to me. I really ought to make another one and retire this one to BD's closet.

This is very good. If I get 4 students in my beginner knitter class next month I'll have earned enough money for a Fricke Drum Carder! Woo hoo for me!

Best of all was being reminded of how much I love to teach knitting. I love to see the dawning wonder in the eyes of others. I love to watch fingers flex and then touch the fibers. I love seeing people realize they can do it.

Good soul stuff here.

Tuesday, being WW night, brought another good feeling. Ever since I hit my goal weight, before Christmas, I've been inching my way back up the scales. Last week I began trying to put a reign on the eating habits, but 2 days away and eating in restaurants, while not exercising, put me in a state of doubt. Not to worry, though. I dropped back to my goal weight last week. I also got in a good half/body workout. Maybe I can get in the other half today, but maybe it'll have to wait till Friday. I have a library board meeting this afternoon and it is, after all, Wednesday, and Wednesday means story hour. It's only 4 times a year, but on board meeting day I have to switch from kiddy-brain-mode to successful-adult-brain-mode, somewhere between noon and 4 o'clock. You mothers of toddlers will know what a feat that is.

Still, I have learned, after years of misery and frantic effort, to completely organize myself when it comes to board activities. If a committee accomplishes something between meetings, all minutes, notes and reports are done immediately. I keep the minutes of the board too (Creepy, I know, but it is a useful power structure for me, so I do it anyway. She who keeps the memory of the past, directs the future.) and they are always written immediately after the meeting too. This way, on board meeting day, I am not desperately trying to figure out my notes from 3 months ago. It is one of the very few ISTJ sorts of things I do.

Tomorrow is BegTheLegislatureForMoney day in Richmond. I’ll have to leave at Crack-O-Dawn. I've been doing this for years and, frankly, wish I could skip it this year. Only I promised to join a colleague, and it is a paid-for trip to the city. Also, it's my mama's birthday so I'll do my dooty in the a.m. and visit with her in the afternoon, then take her out to dinner. Thank goodness the cold is supposed to moderate. I dread the thought of walking around down town in sub-freezing windy weather.

I simply must learn to distinguish what the dial is saying on my clock. I think I'll shop for one with glow in the dark numbers as well as hands. (Bess hates digital clocks.) I popped awake this a.m. It looked like the hands were at 5. Instead of meditating myself back to sleep I just got up. Once downstairs, the kitchen clock told me it was 4 a.m. Sheesh!

Ahh - but- maybe an extra hour of spinning? Yes. Ta.

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