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Monday, January 26, 2004  

Obviously I didn't get back to write more - and it's still so dang cold in the office I'm not inclined to linger. It's been so cold these past days the river has frozen and you can now skate on it. I live on what I like to call Upper Tidewater - for while the water is not really salty anymore, we are still in the tidal area. That makes getting from the pier to the ice an interesting project - when the tide comes in. It seeps up around the pilings, freezes, then withdraws, leaving a thin crust of ice with a foot or so of air beneath.

The dogs turn into clowns on the ice, but we don't encourage them to go out onto it. It's too easy for them to get in the habit and then drown once the ice begins to melt. Priss, the little brown girl, went wild, though, dashing up and down the pier at full speed. With everything frozen, even the boards are solid, minus their usual spring and sway.

The Stars sweater got all the attention yesterday. I'm 4 inches into the shoulders, with one more inch before the first decrease. After that it ought to finish up quickly. There is certainly enough yarn left to make a big cowl, and if, as I always worry when making cropped sweaters, it's too short, I will have enough to pick up stitches along the cast on edge and knit it a little longer. With this yarn you'll never be able to tell.

This means that if I want (and I still do want) I can make the lace collar effect out of the gold lurex yarn - if I can figure out a nice pattern. Best of all, we got enough snow, and sleet is falling now, to close the library. A freebie holiday with time to knit!

Stay warm. Knit long.

posted by Bess | 7:11 AM