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Saturday, January 10, 2004  

I spent the yesterday pacing, nibbling, and being altogether antsy, waiting for the tax lady, talking to the tax lady, and being relieved when the tax lady was gone. This is the IRS tax lady, my dears and we are being audited, which seems such a waste of time, since it is obvious that the error was mine, it was in their favor, I would never have discovered it, and now we are due to get a rather substantial refund. I believe I shall stake a claim for it, for fiber spending, since I am the one who has always borne the brunt of ThatSortOfThing. (paperwork).

Anyway, she left about 1. And though she was as pleasant as an IRS auditor can be, and she has to come back again in a few weeks, (lawsee I hope not on the 16th!) we felt like naughty kids let out of school. BD had some work to do in the early afternoon but once done, we fled to F'burg and had a delightful celebratory meal + shopping at Boarders. Not the least of the pleasures of going somewhere with BD is that it gives me a chance to knit and since this trip is an hour long over deeply memorized countryside, he doesn't complain that "I'm missing all the scenery". I am 10 rows from the toe of LD's second sock!! It will be finished this weekend for sure and the toe of the first sock shall be kitchenered and I will be released to creative freedom!

After way over-eating at the Hard Times Cafe, Texas Chili for Himself and the one with cinnamon in it for me, we meandered the back way out to the most gaudy, ugly, crowded shopping village you could imagine. It's been under construction for years now and it is, without a doubt, the supreme monument to bad taste. And somehow I find it fascinating. One of these days I'm going to take a day and just explore the whole thing. But believe me, it is Ugly with a skyrocketingly high U.

It is also where the Boarders is and we were on a quest. Two quests, actually, for I wanted to see the new KnitIt magazine and we both wanted to get another opera DVD.

We’re relative newbies to the world of opera. When I was wallowing in the depths of EmptyNestSyndrome after LD went off to college, BD tried in all sorts of ways to help me and one of them was to buy a CD of Rigoleto, call me up at work, request steaks for dinner (it was still warm enough to eat out on the porch) and urge me to not linger a moment longer than necessary in town. I hustled of course, and we had the most glorious evening, sitting in the dark, replete, after a delicious meal, slightly glowing from the wine, and being swept up in the mysterious intrigue of murder, rape, sorrow and death that is Verdi. When the duke sings Bella fillia del amore, I simply wept. Chill bumps traveled up and down my arms when Rigoleto hires Scarafuccio to murder the duke. The scariest of haunting melody carries them along, but it is so secretive that neither singer sings the tune - only the cellos! Lawsee it is thrilling.

When we started buying operas on CD they were expensive and you can still drop a bundle on them, but I have noticed they’re coming down as more of them are produced. We have a fairly nice collection - growing big enough that we now have to find space to store them. And now, we have begun another category of musical bliss - opera DVDs! BD gave me a copy of Aida for Christmas. It took us a while to get around to watching it due to all the emotional swings of the holiday, but we did see it this past week and were enthralled. It stars Pavarotti - who is, I’ll confess, my favorite of the tenors - delighting me with his oboe-like, reedy voice and thrilling me with his ability to take it anywhere. It is also the first opera I ever saw, fortylevendyhudred years ago when I was a music student in Italy. I didn't enjoy it half as much then, as I did last Wednesday night.

This time we picked up Turando.

I see I am very short of time, I have to leave for work at 7:30 and it’s already after 7. If I can I'll get back to this post or maybe continue it tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, I did not buy KnitIt and I looked at a ton (3 shelves, anyway) of knitting books. I did buy the INKnit winter issue - and I have opinions about it all.

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