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Friday, January 09, 2004  

I am not feeling very inspired today. We're waiting for the tax lady to show up and I really haven't any idea where it will go from there. Crumbs.

Oh. Well. Really. I am the only one waiting, since I am the only one awake!

But since I really do know that all things end, and nothing is sure but death and taxes and, oh, a bunch of other platitudes, I am doing what I always do when I have a TASK looming.

I think about Tomorrow-at-Tara, of course.

Or even This Afternoon at Tara - when I will be able to spin up the beautiful rolags of F I Polwarth (gosh, I wonder if I am spelling that right. I really ought to check). There is another box of the stuff waiting at the PO - too big to fit into my mailbox. Woo
woo. NewSweaterIdea - here I come. But this much fleece means I really do need access to a drum card. I am thinking of sending up a begging plea to dear sweet Barbara Gentry. I am sure she has a drum card and possibly I could drive to C'ville and "rent" it for an afternoon. I need more bobbins for HeyBaby anyway. Maybe that could be turned into the January 16 event. I hear there is a new yarn shop downtown.

Not that I need any more, new, or other stuff, beyond the afore mentioned bobbins - and I'm even a little nervous about them. Start-itis in knitting is bad enough - what will I do with more bobbins of singles, unplied and yearning, with SecondSockSyndrome, for their partners. I am abundantly endowed with more toys than I can use in a half dozen years, what with the amount of time I have to play. I suppose it is January-itis - but several of my favorite fiberbloggers are having the same issues - too much stuff, not enough time to enjoy it. Here’s Clara’s hilarious solution to the TooMuchStuff. And here is fiber-twin Martha, singing a duet with me about NotEnoughTime.

Okay, I haven't anything else worth saying, so I'm going to go pace the livingroom floor ... or knit ... or spin ... or day dream.

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