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Thursday, January 01, 2004  

How's this for more info on intriguing news items?

Wonder if our records will be subpoenaed?

Okay - now on to the new year's stuff. HNY, of course to one and all. The visit to Richmond was fun - lots of good conversation with LD, who always manages to say something particularly flattering and blush-inducing to me, a nice lunch with my parents & sister, and some good shopping on the way home.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH I did not stop at any of the 3 yarn shops, although I drove past all of them. I didn't stop because of the inventory I did in November. I am not sure what all my NYResolutions are going to be, but by golly I'm not buying more yarn till I've used something in that stash. Too much tomorrow lurking there - not enough today.

Besides, I did stop at both Michael's and the bead shop. I succumbed to some semi-precious stone chips I want to knit into bracelets a la Nancie Wiseman's i-cord bead bracelet. What a cool concept. You cast on 2 stitches with malleable wire, and then string a bead on every stitch plus the back loop of the i-cord till it's the length you want. It's gorgeous in the photo - I'll report back, complete with photo, when I have empirical evidence.

The rest of today will be filled with clean-up (I think I get the house to myself - my preferred environment for NYDay), uninterrupted bath tub time, and a cozy late afternoon of reflection and resolution writing. I've always done this - I call it writing my New Year's resolutions, though as I grow older it's more of a daydream/inventory sort of thing rather than resolves. The schedule goes something like this:

Take down tree to accompaniment of last Christmas music
Put away Christmas music
Clean house
Change sheets
Long bubble bath with assorted beauty rituals attached
Baltimore Consort's music on CD player
Christmas tea in cup
Brand New Notebook and Pens in lap - snuggle on couch and review last year's notebook then
Plan out this year's list of ThingsThatI'dLikeToDo

I love this day of tidying up and reflection. The reflection is as important as the dreaming. I began doing this in my teens. In the back file cabinet of my mind is a memory of the year I "resolved to be more cool". That's one of my favorite memories - sweet to me because it demonstrates the longing of youth, the belief that one has the power to go where one wants, and that budding analytical approach to life that has stood me in such good stead. I am sure I made NYR's before then, but that's the earliest one I remember - and the most precious. BTW, being more cool involved listening to more soul music on the radio so I would know who were the musicians my school mates favored and perhaps ... I believe it also involved getting one of those rabbit fur hoods with fur pompoms on the ties... but if not that exactly, it certainly involved some specific item of clothing. I went to a Catholic girl's school, so those few things we wore outside standard uniform; coat, hat, gloves - were immensely important to your standing on the status list. Or, perhaps I should say, we thought they were important.

There have been many many years of reflections and resolutions since my temperature experiment. I never did get all that cool with that particular social group but I was liked well enough and I believe I am extremely cool now - ha! - except for the nightly episodic flashes of a 51 yr. old. The process has been tremendously fun and productive as well. I have a lovely garden, I've thrown huge happy parties, I've made more dratted slipcovers than I like to remember (and that is again on the list - comes about every 4 years or so - I really ought to just get a new couch) and systematized the family bookkeeping. One of my gifts this year was a copy of The Purpose Driven Life. Since I love the spiritual quest I look forward to reading this book - but the Purposely Lived Life has always been my preferred - and one can not have purpose without reflection.

I know January 1 is an arbitrary day - but it's as good a day as any and since I still feel like the year really begins in September - with the cranking up of the school year - there's nothing so sweet as January's opportunity to check on myself before the whole year is gone.

Happy New Year!

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