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Thursday, January 29, 2004  

Have you ever seen evil walk? I have. And all the sailors, in all the navies, of all the nations, in all the world, do not have enough evil words to describe what I witnessed yesterday. I am beyond being shocked, furious, appalled, disgusted, and repulsed. I am in some other realm of mad emotion. If I can talk about it here some time, I shall - but it may be that I can never do so. I am utterly beyond words of fury and anger. I'm barely able to exist without bursting into a pillar of fire. I am slow to rise - but when I ignite - I tend to become an inferno. It may be that extinction is all I can leave behind -- the extinction of language.

And yet I yearn to spit it out.

Suffice it to say that the custody hearing went somewhat as to be expected, with neither parent able to prove the other is dangerously unfit - though the judge's order to the soon-to-be-X; “get a job”, is unlikely to be fulfilled and the issue will then resolve itself. Beloved H was gracious, calm, and coherent. And she made an important point the judge took, though he was not prepared to act upon it now. He as much as said so - that till psychological evaluations of the parents are in, he would not make a final decision.

But rips in the family fabric were torn yesterday, that were so great, so enormous, so foul - they will never be repaired.

Some things get broken that can't ever be fixed.

posted by Bess | 8:01 AM