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Thursday, January 08, 2004  

Falkland Island Polwarth

Oh lordy - it's even better than I thought! First - it's the cleanest wool in the grease I've ever seen - barring Barbara Gentry's Cormo fleeces. There is virtually no trash. I put it in very hot water with Euclan and let it soak while I was in the shower, gave it only one very hot rinse, then spread it out on a towel to dry. It was so pretty - so exactly the creamy white color that makes you dream of lace shawls or fabulous Aran sweaters. When I got home last night it was mostly dry and looked like an angel cloud had settled down on the top of the washing machine. I took a few locks that were surely dry and carded them into rolags. There are a few second cuts but not many and I carded them into the rolag - what the heck - I'll see how it looks slightly textured.

The yarn it makes.


Be still my heart.

It has a frizz to it because rolags spin up into a woolen texture. It glows on the bobbin! It's a long fiber - 4 inches easily - so you can spin it soft. The ply was simply beautiful.

I'm not all that expert a spinner and I quickly lose my technique when I stop spinning - something I must do if I'm knitting seriously (read here "Christmas Gifts") so it's been a while since I've sat at the wheel. (She was grumpy about it too) Even with rusty technique, though, this wool makes a beautiful yarn.

That wooshing sound you hear is my happy sigh.

But I couldn't give as much attention to the beautiful Polwarth - a 4th bag of which awaited me in the mailbox last night - as I'd like to have, because I had dreaded IncomeTaxCrap to do. Thank heavens it went swiftly. We both hope that stuff will be finished on Friday. I've taken the day off, to work on it, and hope it's all over early enough to give me the afternoon to play, especially since I have to go into work on Saturday to aid and assist the network repair guy. Again - that ought to be a half day expedition - but it's certainly a spinning interruption.

Got in another weight session yesterday and continue to be utterly thrilled with them. This time only lower body. I can already feel a new definition to my legs. Can't wait till I can see it in my spaghetti arms. I also made the decision to take 5 more lbs off. There are three dresses and two suits left over from my youth that I would like to get into. Mind now, I may never actually wear any but one of them. While all styles return, (Ack! Look at hip-hugging bell bottoms!! My gawd! They are sooo ugly!) they usually do so slightly altered. I may never want to wear those Dynesty-esque shoulder pads in public. Nevertheless, I want it to be a fashion decision, not a body decision. Having that option will require a wee bit more effort. I'm at a point where losing more weight actually means eating less - just a teesny bit less - say - 8 pretzels less or 2 apples less - or one Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich less - but still less. I make no vows on this issue. I'm just experimenting now.

I keep thinking I ought to get the sketchbook out....

And have you noticed? It's still light out at 5. Can daffodils be far off?

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