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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

Either it is getting warmer or I am getting used to this cold snap. Probably a bit of both. I actually went into the den and watched a video yesterday - haven't been tempted to do that in weeks! Yesterday's pretty little snow gave everybody a day off and yours truly spent it working on the Stars sweater. It's almost done and it is ... um ... er ... different.

If I get in to work I'll post some graphics that elucidate the situation.

If I get in to work today, and if more weather doesn’t happen, I'll also be teaching a class tonight. 1 felt hatter, 2 sock knitters, 1 sweater and one beginner. Hmmm. A challenge - but interesting. I've been thinking through a schedule - who gets help first. I believe the beginner will have to be last since she’ll need the most hand-holding. I'll be working along with the sock knitter and the beginner - and I have a ready-to-be-felted hat to show the felt hatter. Of course, all this planning may be for naught, since we could get freezing rain instead.

I am going to knit another sample hat from my beginner class pattern as well as a pair of fair isle socks using a solid and a patterned sock yarn. I want to use one of the sinuous patterns from Lisa Kolstad's More Sweaters: a Riot of Color, Pattern and Form (sadly out of print) in the cuff, but make the foot plain. I'm finally digging into my stash of sock yarn - none too soon. It's falling out onto the floor by my bed.

I'm thinking also of some fair isle mittens. I only have one pair of gloves and they're too nice for inclement weather. (think snow) I'm also in the mood to feel like I've actually gotten something done around here. Imagine - a knitter who has no mittens and no gloves. Sheesh! Worse than the cobbler's kids. I'm still not ready to actually set KnittingGoals but I am certainly in the mood to empty out some of these everlasting bins of stuff!

Tomorrow I will be a witness in a custody battle and I am really twisted up inside about having to do something like this. It is one thing when you voice an opinion, and it is another altogether, when you are pinioned on the spot by lawyers. Even though I am only supposed to be saying good things about one parent - the implication has to be that the other parent is not good. Well, the other parent isn't anyone I’d choose to live with as a kid or an adult, but that doesn't mean the other parent has fangs and a forked tail. I am utterly and completely and totally dreading this day. Not 10 minutes go by that I don't say to myself "Thursday it will be all over - 5 o'clock on Wednesday it will be behind you - hang in there Bess, it's almost over."

Those who know me well, know that controversy is abhorrent to me and this is controversy with a capital C. It has loomed over me for months - the knowledge that I will have to do this, and it has colored every aspect of my life. This, coupled with my parents health, safety and home situation, has made the past 5 months some of the toughest months I've ever had to live through. (Yes, I have been a complete failure in getting these two crippled old people to move into a safe, convenient and comfortable situation and instead must hear that I am not a loving daughter for not spending more time with them, while knowing they are wrecking cars, falling down and sinking into depression.)

So. Well. If I have to cope with this junk right now, by golly - something good surely must be waiting up ahead, right?

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