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Saturday, January 24, 2004  

Dang it is cold. I can't remember a January where the deep freeze lasted so long. Weather-dot-com says it will continue through the month! Maybe even drop some big time snow tomorrow. Great fiber weather.

I spent yesterday on the phone, spreading the new garnered in Richmond on Thursday. It doesn't pay to be too gleeful, but I did indulge some wry smiles and enjoyed a few whoops from some far flung colleagues. My own library board was strung on the information loop, like beads on a necklace. Furious letter writing ought to be taking place about now - nice to know there is something constructive we can all do. But goodness gracious, I will be so utterly glad if this issue can be put to bed for another decade. With good luck and hard work, I shan't be around when the wheel turns again.

I didn't get in any knitting yesterday but there's a little more merino on HeyBaby's bobbins. I don't expect to get much done today, either. Beloved H has been promised the entire day. We'll gather and do some wardrobe surveying, hit the gym, attend a funeral, and drive on into the city from there, for a wee bit of shopping. I don't really like traveling when it’s so cold, but this is important bonding time and she is an important person. Important to my heart.

Watched Freaky Friday last night. It's very cute. I loved all three of Mary Rodgers' books, although Summer Switch is my favorite. But I never was a screaming, foot stamping, temper-tantrum throwing sort of teenager and my mama was really easy to get along with. I rooted a lot harder for Ben as he defeated the bullies, both parental and contemporary, threatening his happiness.

But movies made from books always puzzle me. Why do film makers change the plots so arbitrarily, when converting from one medium to another? Perfect example - Rodgers created a family where daughter fights with mother and son fails to impress father. Perfect opportunity for a sequel. In the books she does a first rate job. Things segue smoothly, make sense, and the tension can be hinted at early on in book one, ripe to be plucked at the end to create story number 2. So - obviously this movie begs to be sequelized. Why did they bring us a brand new, suck-up of a step-dad, for the brother to resist, while creating only a batty old grand-dad to hint at some future opportunity for switching?

Eh. While I enjoyed the movie, it's not worthy of deep reflection. It's a cute laugh. The lines, while expected, were not sickeningly trite. Altogether, a well done bit of family entertainment.

Hmmm. Not much a.m. time left if I'm to be at H‘s by 8. While I am out today I'll pick up a square of foam. I'm ready to add some serious needlefelting to my snowy day activities. I'm also in need of some nervous energy activity and knitting or spinning may not do the trick here. The idea of poking something repeatedly with a sharp object offers a more tempting release. While the work related Stuff seems to be pointed in a more pleasing direction, there is still OtherStuff on the plate. Some of it will be behind me this week, and MyFavoriteAstrologer warns me that this is the week when I should remember that:

If you speak before you think, you may end up rendering someone else speechless and giving yourself an awful lot more to think about. Try then, to pass the week with your mouth shut and your ears as open as they can be. Listen carefully to the clues and cues you are being given. Consider, at length, the best comment to make. If at all possible now, you want to extract as much information as possible from someone whilst revealing, in return, no more than you have to. Probably, eventually, you will have to say something. Meanwhile, if in doubt... say nowt.

So if my posts seem reticent or lack sparkle this week - that is why. This time I know it’s important for me to speak carefully.

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