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Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

The Christmas Socks are finished! Nothing left to do but present them, which I’ll do on the way home tonight, since it'll be late and he's likely to be at home. That's one of the sweet things about having a D living next door. Even when next door is a mile and a half away, it’s possible to just "drop by" after work.

Yesterday's Fiber Guild topic was needle felting. Oh No another fascinating addiction. I'd seen the speaker, a woman named Julie, at last February's quilt show in Williamsburg at the W'lbrg. Fiber Guild booth. She had darling felted bunnies and some beautiful shawls and scarves she had woven. She is where I think I long to be - retired - with time to devote to all her pleasures.

I've noticed and peeked and then quickly looked away from the needle felting stuff because the needles are so tiny and the projects are so intricate they looked like endless hours of utterly boring repetitive jiggling would be required to create anything.


Guess what? The wool felts very fast. Well, duh Bess, do you think people would enjoy it if it were endlessly boring? (yes. look at cross stitch)

Okay - enough conversation with myself. I found the process not only fun, but also fast enough to produce results. I got to try some needle felting on a little ball. You could use that needle to scuplt the felt into all sorts of shapes. I quickly punched the semblence of a little gnomish face in that ball. Now, woven through my secret sugar-coated soul, where the puffed sleeve girl in patent leather mary-janes lives, is a deep delight in little elfin creatures and other miniature diorama furnishings. I don’t have a doll house because I don’t have a flat surface in my house big enough to hold one. (That's my excuse and it's sufficient if not entirely true.) Now that my middle age eyesight makes focusing on tiny things irritating and frustrating, even with glasses on, I probably never will have one. But I can see myself making little felted creatures, if not for display, at least for gifts. And I can see myself embellishing with felting needles in a way I would not bother to do with embroidery or duplicate stitch.

The meeting was a real upper and worth the slightly guilty feeling induced by sneaking off from work on a short-week that has an Important Meeting smack in the middle of it.

New Knitting Fact learned:

When knitting with a rayon eyelash yarn, be sure to use some sort of needle cap on the tips - picking up dropped stitches knit in Stars is a b___!

Man - that took me by surprise. In the main I am a sloppy sort of person with my possessions. My house is cluttered and my desk at work is a wreck. I periodically tidy things up, but never seem to develop the system of keeping it that way. But this Stars yarn just may teach me new habits. Whew.

I really want this sweater. It'll be fun, funky, cute, different, fast and easy to make. But man-oh-man - this is not going to be true if I don't carefully stopper those needle tips each time I set the knitting down. BTW, those little red mesh bags that hold cherry tomatoes, still on their stems, make the best yarn bras. The mesh is fine, it’s just the right width to hug the yarn close without compressing the fibers. And they are also the only half way decent tasting tomatoes in the winter. And they are "free" vegetables on most diets! Some things really are just about perfect.

I have 90 stitches cast on at 2.5 st. to the inch. The ball band ought to have said, but didn't - I confirmed my gauge swatch on the web site for the yarn company. I've knit 6 rnds. in garter stitch and about 3 or 4 rnds in st. st. There is still some left in the ball - I'm not at all sure how many inches of 40 inch sweater tube can be knit from 100 yards of this stuff. I have 10 or 11 skeins, though. I plan to knit 11 inches of body, do the bust dart, then start the sleeves, which will be 3/4 sleeves.

It's been a long time since I've posted any photos or sketches or whatever. I shall try to do better. How about a red Stars sweater in time for Valentines day?

TA now. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday means Weight Watchers.

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