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Friday, January 02, 2004  

Bess' Body Plan for 2004

At last Tuesday's WW meeting our leader challenged us to view our weight loss or weight management in 2004 as if it were a business plan. When you go to a bank to ask for a loan to start up a new business, they want to see your plan. It should include the following 5 items:

Mission Statement
WHY are you doing this? Define the mission in as few words as possible.

Current Conditions
What are the conditions in which you are going to do business? Is yours the only restaurant in town? Is there a market? Who are your competitors? Look around your environment and describe it.

Investment Opportunities
What and how much are you willing to put into this effort? What capital do you already have. What and how much more will you need?

Strategic Plan
What are the steps you’re going to take to make this work?

Annual Report
How will you evaluate what you’ve done?

I love this sort of thing, but I've never applied it quite so succinctly to my weight issues. What fun! So here it is:

Bess' Body Plan for 2004


I will live in my body with happy grace, confident of my knowledge and ability to keep myself slender and strong, by following the Weight Watchers Program and the advice of my personal trainer.


· I've successfully met my Weight Watchers goal.
· I have an established WW group with a supportive leader and members.
· I have some support at home.
· I have control of the shopping and cooking in my house.
· I belong to a gym with a personal trainer.
· I can afford the financial commitment of this project.
· I have only limited time to spend at the gym or on exercise.
· I have weak ankles that often sprain and keep me from exercising.


Time Investments
· I can commit 1 night a week to WW meetings
· I can commit the time needed to journal my food intake - @ 20 minutes a day
· I can commit 1 hour before each social event that centers around food to story-board my eating
· I can commit 1 hour a month to trying new recipes or foods
· I can commit 7 hours a week to exercise - 3 hours weight training, 3 hours aerobics, 1 hour travel to and from the gym
· I can commit 15 hours to reading and learning about musculature and fitness

Monitary Investments
· I can commit to the WW meeting fees till I am lifetime
· I can commit $150 for the initial fees for 5 sessions with the personal trainer
· I can commit $30 a month for follow up sessions with the personal trainer to be sure I am not developing bad habits or getting too easy on myself
· I can commit the cost of new workout clothes that fit - those baggy shorts are lewd when I'm working out with the machines!

· Go to weekly WW meetings
· Take the WW leadership training - become a WW leader - or at least a substitute one.
· Follow the WW plan:

track your points
keep your journal
drink your water
5 fruits and vegetables

· Story-board big food events
· Try at least 1 new recipe or food each month
· Develop a workout schedule - 6 days a week - one day off:

Mon upper body weights w/ 15 min. aerobics
Tue lower body weights w/ 15 min. aerobics
Wed aerobics at home or during lunch at gym or day off
Thur aerobics at home or gym
Fri full body weights
Sat aerobics at home or day off
Sun aerobics at home or day off

· Schedule monthly session with personal trainer to monitor fitness
· Create chart for tracking progress and reporting purposes.
· Get good book on anatomy for fitness and learn what muscles do what and how to strengthen them.


Keep track of the following stats:

· Weight
· Bust/Waist/Hip/Upper Arm measurements
· Hours exercised
weekly average
· Strength (lbs. lifted)
· Favorite new food

Write and post this quarterly report on my blog or the Weight Watcher’s boards.

posted by Bess | 8:16 AM