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Wednesday, December 17, 2003  

Yippee! I did make my goal yesterday and am now in phase II of the WW program - 6 weeks of maintenance with 2 pounds of wiggle room. It was a very very happy evening for me too. I’m glad I waited to share it with some special people - the sort who laughed happily when I danced about in stocking feet and the sleeveless summer outfit I started out in. No quarter given to clothes last night.

Necia - at least you knit your sweaters. You’ve no idea how much stash I have to knit sweaters “when I’m smaller, so I don’t have to use so many stitches”! One of the first projects I’m going to make is the baseball style jacket out of K1C2’s doucer et sois (gad, how is that stuff spelled?) mohair with the matching DK wt. wool yarn for the bands. And the red eyelash cropped sweater with the glitter gold trim. And the repeat of Flidas in the teal Brown Sheep wool&mohair.

Well, forgive the giddiness.

But it is true - and I oh-so-identify with Catherine, who forgets that she doesn’t have the body she used to have till she has to put something new on it. yep yep yep.

Well, looks do matter and looks are frivolous at the same time. Just the way the world is.

I also frogged the seaman part of the seaman’s scarf and knit the frogged yarn back using the basketweave pattern. This will take 3 balls and I’m into ball #2. Gonna take some fast needles to finish this and the socks but I’m pretty sure they’ll get done. I got new glasses on Monday, with a shorter focal length so I can see my knitting much better - helps stave off fatigue.

It’ll be a long day since I’m accompanying beloved goddaughter and her 2nd grade class to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. We haven’t seen a lot of each other this fall and I miss her terribly. Instead of taking the day off, though, (what was I thinking of???) - I merely swapped with the evening staff so here it is, HumpDay the week before Christmas and I’m putting in a 13 hour day. I must be out of my mind!

Eh. But - I’m still grinning about my success so really, it’s not so bad. But no more time to linger here.

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