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Saturday, December 13, 2003  


Done shopping.

At least, I have no reason to leave town to produce Christmas and that’s as good as being done. There will be some grocery shopping - and the Darlings like those baskets full of luxury foods - only they like me to make them up myself. And the foods need not be all that luxurious - a couple of cans of smoked oysters - a chunk of good Stilton from the little W&C shop across the river. Rather fun, supports the local economy, and doesn’t’ require 2 hours in the car.

There is one more sort of shopping to do - and that is with BD. I call it tag-along shopping. It is the only sort of shopping I like to do with him. For some reason, when it comes to actually putting the money down - I’m rather furtive. Or, to put it in a kinder light, I prefer to be alone. I have a couple of girlfriends I can shop with, though, even with them I feel the weight of compromise. We must split the time we spend at every counter, shop, even over every item, with some level of equity. At least they can understand why I might want to go to a particular shop or linger over a particular item. With BD it is impossible to even explain what the hey....?!?!?! Since I don’t shop at either immoral or illegal places, I don’t feel like explaining. I am reminded of a magnificent quote from a beloved author whose father would answer, when probed for the source of a particularly fine jug of corn whiskey: “If you like that whiskey, by God, then drink it” I feel same with BD. If he likes the results, then enjoy it. Don’t ask how they are achieved.

So, when I am really spending, I go alone. And when I go “shopping” with BD, it is to keep him company, go to places I otherwise wouldn’t, and enjoy watching his taste unfold. Hmmm. I wonder if he might enjoy watching my taste unfold. Never thought about that. Ahh the discoveries one makes when ideas flow from the fingertips.

Nevertheless, I am not inclined to change now. It has taken 31 years of marriage to allow the ever patient one to even see me put on makeup - I don’t believe the chance to witness my brain unfold when shopping will ever happen.

At the moment, though, the weekend lies open like a brand new diary - blank pages, clean, white, full of possibility. Since SomeoneElse cleaned the house, there is only laundry to do and that doesn’t require much attention, only small bits of time spread out over several hours. There are gifts to knit, (I know, I know, but I never promised to keep my promises to myself, for goodness sake, besides they are half done) and gifts to pack and Christmas cards to write - and lovely walks to take and oh any number of pretty things to occupy my weekend. And nothing onerous waiting on Monday. Only beautiful hours of life to pluck as they ripen, to savor in all their sweet richness.

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