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Thursday, December 11, 2003  

Well, well - though Saturn, that goal oriented task-master is telling me to hustle along towards my personal grail, the link between Venus and Jupiter reminds me that romance is in the air and I can let my hair down a bit, have some fun today. Thank you heavenly bodies. I am just in the mood for that.

Both of yesterday afternoon’s meetings were not only productive, but proof that HrrrrHighness needs external structure to get things done. Normally folk ‘round here don’t even hold meetings in December unless they are the cheese ball/double chocolate mint brownie/eggnog type of meetings. Clubs gather in people’s homes, or don’t gather at all, work is left for February because, you know, “the weather is so unpredictable in January.”

Only in the south - at least, only in Virginia, that buffer to all the rest of the south, against sleet and snow and cold north winds, is the month of January pretty much crossed out of people’s lives. We also do this in the summer, but that’s a different weather related phenomenon. Because we get so little snow, there is rarely enough money in state and local highway budgets to shove it out of the way. Because it is possible to go 2 or 3 or even 4 years without even seeing any snow cluster on the lawn, everybody forgets how to drive in inclement weather. A few dancing flakes appear on a gray afternoon and the schools are closed. Long after the roads are clear, they remain so, because once some inexperienced bus driver got stuck trying to pick up three pre-schoolers who lived down a forest lined tertiary backroad. The only people bold enough to go out on icy roads around here are teens and ladies, of a certain age, who drive enormous Bucks right up to the curb, and then maybe a little bit onto it, and perhaps smack into the bookdrop. It is better to stay closed.

I love living in Virginia.

As to my glorious sense of freedom - ah yes - well - the meetings were short, fast paced, productive, friendly and energizing. Scot Adams, eat your heart out. All the work done last week is now just that: done. No guilty return from the Christmas holidays suffering that foreboding feeling of looming panic - how will I ever get that done - besides, we’re shut down for snow! There is nothing with a deadline hanging over it, till January, so I am waltzing happily the rest of the month. That golden glow you see in the east/north/south is my beaming smile as I prepare to wallow in festive happiness.

My mama used to say “can’t you just like something - must you always LOVE everything?”

Alas. I can’t. Even when I appear neutral, noncommittal or non-judgmental, it’s just a ruse. I am a Virgo, after all, and have opinions on everything. I am sure I am right, too. I don’t necessarily have to make these truths known to the world, but I acknowledge them to myself, nonetheless.

And right now I am unabashedly happy and filled with LOVE!

Did a wee bit of knitting on BD‘s scarf yesterday. I found a darling twisted stitch anchor at the back of Barbara Walker’s first treasury (And told BD I want a copy of that book for my Christmas gift.) so I’m experimenting with that as the sole decoration on his scarf. I’m not sure if I made the scarf wide enough for the design - so may narrow the design down a tad. I’ll know once I’ve finished the motif, if I like it enough to make a second one for the other end. It’s 32 stitches wide and the whole scarf is only 36. I don’t want it to be so wide the wings of the anchor look like they’re dropping off the edge of the scarf. And it only left me 4 stitches for the garter band on the side. but it doesn’t seem all that hard to make the anchor say - 2 or 4 stitches narrower. Well, I shall know after the weekend.

BTW - I’m using that Aurora8 in my stash, the stuff that might be called wheat colored, but I am sure is really taupe. Goodness that stuff feels sweet on your fingers.

Beloved friends are sending me gifts and, though I have at least gathered my own offerings, none of them are wrapped or packaged for shipping. That will have to be another weekend task. Fortunately, someone else will be cleaning my house for me today. And I’m taking tomorrow off to go Christmas shopping - alone. I can blitz through the stores and linger only where I want - prowl to my heart’s delight and, I believe, even fit in a visit with the folks. I shan’t tell them, so they can enjoy the surprise.

Yes yes. I am ready for pleasure. Ready to enjoy it and ready to wish it for the rest of the world.

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