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Saturday, December 06, 2003  

Way too rushed this morning to post anything, I’m only now back home - and the house is a pit - so there is only time enough to say good morning. Yesterday was one of those “If you put it off till Friday you’ll have an agonizing day.” I tell myself that I really am working on things when I let them “cook” in my brain - but I am never sure if I’m not just procrastinating. Thing is - if I had only had what I had expected on my plate, I would have been done by 4:00 p.m., had 2 hours of sort of tidy up at work, have the books done up and the doors locked on the dot at closing time, and been out the door and home in 20 minutes. Only - it don’t work that way. An issue cropped up on Tuesday that, in the end, demanded my attention, thought, and careful choice of words. And that got stuffed into the 4 to 6 p.m. slot that somehow stretched over to about quarter after 6.

Instead of leisurely ambling on home, to dress for dinner at friends, I was hustling, late, a little anxious, and slightly chilly, since I’d dressed in a suit for a photo shoot in the a.m. that didn’t happen, as good as bare legged on the rawest day this autumn. Everything ran late after that and when we arrived at our friends, their heat had been out all day - and though on now, the ancient walls and high ceilings of 18th century architecture had had time to soak up all of the cold of 38 degrees and raining. And the guys decided that nothing would do but Mahler - in all his permutations - and it was after midnight before we left - and nigh on to 1 a.m. before I was shivering in bed.

This morning we woke to a dusting of lovely snow - I’m sadly just below the snow line in Virginia - not more than 30 miles due south of nature’s snow fence. A local club was holding a Santa Breakfast and I was the roving Christmas lady, moving from table to table reading Christmas stories from the library. Though I had a selection with me, I ended up going with Berenstain Bears for the older ones and Eric Carle’s Dream Snow for the wee ones - and perhaps the not so wee ones. I saw the gleam of Christmas Gift in the eyes of many a grandmother. I think I’ll give our little local book store a heads up.

This was my first time reading at the Santa Breakfast, but it was enormous fun! I don’t have little ones any more and to be surrounded by dozens of velvet trimmed darlings and their beaming grammas and grampas, mamas and dads, was so much fun. Also - I don’t know that many of the young families any more. Cub scouts, PTA and even the high school regional championship football game, being held in the mud and wind this afternoon, are pretty much things of memory for me now. Between children and grandchildren comes borrowing, and I will surely be back with Santa next year.

Now the trick is - can I do a thorough houseclean in 2 hours so as to have a glorious free day tomorrow with a clean house and nothing to do but drift happily from room to room?

I’ll report back tomorrow.

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