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Wednesday, December 10, 2003  

So, here it is 4 a.m. and I’m prowling around the house like a Christmas mouse. This is the result of a whacked out schedule and 3 - count ‘em - 3 cups of coffee after 6 months of only one a day, thank you, plus a disgusting number of business workshop sweets. My poor body does not like this one whit.

For those who know me, it is no news that I don’t “do” 95. That is, I don’t drive north of Fredericksburg on Interstate 95. This is a severe handicap, since there are some gloriously special people (Yes, Lissa, sweetie, you are one of them) who live not more than 90 miles away, but whom I do not visit, because it requires driving on that river of death. If you live in the sticks long enough you forget how to drive around other cars - and if you never learned all that well to begin with, the idea of jockeying for position among the million vehicles scrambling through the asphalt corridors of NoVA is enough to make the heart stop.

Fortunately, other people are not such chicken hearts and yesterday one of them drove me to Arlington PL to take a book repair workshop. Fun - interesting - informative - hands-on - glad I went. But it ment I had to be up on Highway 17 to meet my ride at 5:30 and since it was Tuesday Night Knitters, I didn’t get home till 9 o’clock. This is tough on an old body but worse was the heaping pile of Danish/brownies/bagels whispering from across the room. I can usually pass on much of that stuff but for some reason I didn’t yesterday. 2 brownies later and a mocha latte on the way home, plus a cappuccino at TNK - I’m wide awake at 3 a.m. and wondering how I’ll get through a Wednesday that includes story hour, the 5-year plan committee meeting and a by-laws rewrite committee meeting all before 6 o’clock. I think I’ll be a zombie by the time I get home tonight.

Thank goodness the long drive home caused me to miss my WW meeting and I have a whole week to undo the sugar/fat damage.

Eh. But I am taking Friday off. Just keep clinging to that idea, I tell myself. Friday off. Christmas shopping all by myself Friday off.

I got the cuff of LD‘s first Christmas sock done yesterday - 9 inches of ribbing. I’ll begin the heel flap today. I’m making it from some Interlacements Toasty Toes a friend brought me over a year ago. Fortunately, this yarn makes 2 pair - since I had intended this for socks for me. I’ve also cast on 36 stitches in Aurora8 for a scarf for BD who, out of the blue, told me he wanted a shawl for Christmas. After blinking a moment and trying to imagine what he would use a shawl for - and then asking if he meant something to wrap around his legs in the cold den on nights we watch movies - he pointed to his neck and said “something to wear there”. I realized he meant a scarf!! Happy days - something almost mindless, out of stash yarn that perfectly matches his coat. Yes. Only of course - I don’t like mindless and am scouring the pattern books for just the K P design I want to use to make his scarf special. A seaman’s scarf with that ribbing that goes around the neck.

Been following the dilemma on Annie’s blog - about design duplication and the responsibilities of editors - and what constitutes original design - especially in clothing!!!, for goodness sake, which mankind has been wearing since Adam’nEve so how original can any garment be!?! It’s a tricky slippery slope - but I think I have to weigh in on Annie’s side to say that any publisher has a responsibility to do due diligence before offering something as original and, if it is not truly original, ought, in the text, to at least comment that “Here’s a new twist on an old theme”.

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