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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

Scrambling about weaving in ends of scarves and wrapping gifts. Except when I dawdle here. I'm a real RedRidingHood sort of gal - easily distracted - the more so at this deadline holiday season. I am giving away 3 knitted scarves this year and 3 hemmed fabric ones. A scarfish Christmas. This, from the gal who said she was making no gifts this year. Huh!

I can honestly say I am baking no gifts this year. The house lacks a certain sugary, spicy smell but the temperament and tummies of its inhabitants are much happier. We're giving a small party on Saturday and I'll do a wee bit of cooking then, and BD will cook a Virginia Ham. That is his specialty, and since it takes days and days I am glad as can be to surrender the kitchen to him.

Yesterday a woman came into the library to return a book, took one look at me, turned around and dashed out of the building. Now - I don't usually scare full grown adults, and we have known each other for years; (met her the day the dogs killed the little pig and I had to cook the whole thing immediately - a story I may actually write about some day). She taught my son 10th grade English! The other patron at the desk asked if it was something she said, but EnglishTeacher soon returned with a handful of knitting! Seems her family decided to give only homemade gifts this year and she was knitting a scarf ("the most expensive scarf you ever saw") for her niece. First project - garter stitch - Manos yarn - someone else had cast on for her - and now she didn't know how to take it off the needles.

She was very good humored about it all and said she figured at worst, her niece could frog it and make something she really liked. After showing her how to bind off I showed her the drop stitch lace stitch I am so addicted to this winter and that whetted her appetite. She left expressing the hope that I'd be teaching a class soon. Hmmm. Looks like I know what I'll be doing in January. Now - that's something to look forward to.

Today is the last day at work till Monday and I am truly ready for some days off. I'm on the last ball of Cashmerino with BD's scarf. Ought to wrap that up sometime tomorrow. I'll have the cuff of LD's sock done too and can knit on the foot when we go see my parents on Friday.

Yep, yep, that juggernaut feeling is thrumming everywhere. Ticking off items on lists. Not really thinking about how I'll get it all done. Keeping the door open to possibilities. Yep. It feels like Christmas.

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