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Wednesday, December 24, 2003  

Okay darlings - Did you hear Tom Brokaw last night? The four terrorist targets? Tappahannock? You know, along with Las Vegas, NYCity and D.C.? That’s me. Us. Home of the library with the best ratio of knitting books per capita you ever saw! Do check out this site:

And for more info, here is another site:

And here is the walking tour of the town:

We heard about it when a dear friend called late last night and said he'd heard it reported on the television news. We're about 100 miles south of D.C., which everybody always expects to be a target of any sort of thing, be it terrorism or tourists. Fer cryin' out loud - it's the national capital. We're also about 30 miles from Ft. A P Hill, which I have heard is beefing up - but then Bowling Green ought to be the target. And didn't the Everly Brothers have a song about Bowling Green - even though it was KY, not VA. And we're pretty near the naval weapons center at Dhalgreen - but that's still closer to A.P. Hill or even something in Maryland. Now - I have had calls from people reading the Da Vinci Code, about some clue referencing coordinates that are just north of town - and the obscure statue .... hmmm Younger Lumpkin's Lioness or Belle Bowe's Dog? They're both visible from Hwy. 17. At least, they used to be and one might speculate that Dan Brown had taken that route one day, to avoid the I95 traffic. Could that have sighted our little town on some terrorist radar? Or is it just because we are sort of Maybury U.S.A., only, within easy hittin' distance from D.C.?

But, for all that we are sort of snickering about it, there's the thread of discomfort - unease - that little frisson of tension around the Arab shopkeepers who seem to have taken over management, if not ownership, of the three little stores-cum-gas stations dotted about the county. A slightly tighter set to the teeth. If any of you saw the HBO movie Path to Paradise, about the first terrorist attack on the WTC - well - it's enough to make one pause. Essex County really has only two ethnic populations: Come Heres and Born Heres, with its subset of mostly brides; Brought Heres. I'm one of the Brought Heres. Any other group is usually represented by a single family unit who came here for a specific job. We're not that much of a population center.

Well. I am not sure what to make of it. One of the important foundation stones of my life is trust. Trust in other people, based on the assumption that most people are as honest as you expect them to be. It's not naiveté or stupidity. It's a social contract with the world that allows me the freedom to treat others well. It's based upon the concept that since most of us want similar things, most of us want to behave in a basically similar, ethical way in order to achieve them. Oh - I know there are crooks and worse out there. But if I don't assume most people want to achieve their goals without harm to me - my only other option is to assume that all people are threats.


Now I don't feel like even talking about knitting.


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