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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

Not much knitting info to report. Plugging away in dribs and drabs on both knitted gifts. I stupidly forgot my knitting on the bus trip to Richmond with E but I’m not sure I could have knit much anyway - been a long time since I rode on a school bus - no wonder I get motion sickness at carnival rides - full of 1st and 2nd graders. Woo woo. What I did remember was how to fold those fortune teller/cootie catcher things and how important it is to be the first kid in your class to have something cool that also predicts the future. E is really cool right now.

Predicting the future. How mankind longs to know what will happen next. Every culture develops its own magic for it and adopts as many others as it can discover. As a teen I learned palm reading, tarot reading and dabbled a bit with horoscope casting. Never very skillful - but full of the silly fun of demonstrating (evidently the urge to teach is born in some), I learned one of the most important lessons about how to treat other people when I was playing with future casting. I was reading the palm of one of the boys I knew and stupidly said “Oh. What a short lifeline. You’re going to dye young!�

What a stupid thing to do. To say. That poor boy was absolutely devastated. Nothing I said subsequently, had any power to lift the weight of such a carelessly, teasingly tossed off comment. I couldn’t believe he would actually believe me - I was just a stupid 16 year old girl who read a book in the library!! It’s just stuff - a parlor game, right?

Truth is - I don’t remember seeing much of him afterwards - though I may have. But think about this - 1968, a boy, not any great shakes as a student - everybody knew those boys’ future held nothing but Viet Nam. Well, when we were both in our 40’s I heard him interviewed on the radio so I know that he at least made it to the dawn of middle age.

But I just never thought. What I saw as silly play and fairy tale dress-up, this poor guy latched on to as if it were stone tablets. That’s when I realized that many, if not most, people are living in fear, full of bogeymen demons, longing for some sort of assurance that it’s going to be all right. And if I was going to play at being the AllWiseOne and tease people with my ability to predict the future, by gum, I had better only give them good futures. - And knowing this - E‘s fortune teller had 8 funny and good fortunes and no mean ones.

BTW - all you Virgos out there - January is to be full of fireworks in our house of romance.

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