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Tuesday, December 30, 2003  

New Year's is just around the bend and I've been toying with resolutions. Unlike most healthy thinking people, who make no resolutions, or perhaps change one thing, I usually make dozens and dozens of them. I figure, if there are enough of 'em, I'm likely to actually keep some. And in fact, they aren't really resolutions. They're action steps in a master plan for ImprovingBess. Some of them are things like 'give big party in May'. Well, in 365 days I am bound to give at least one pretty good sized party and maybe several. I haven't given a really big one, though, in 3 years. And my garden shows it. We have had terrible gardening weather for 3 years - so ... what do you expect?

As I thumbed through the 2003 pages in my DayRunner I came across little numbers penned in on certain dates. They represent the weight I wanted the scale to reveal after following my self-monitored diet. Couldn't help but smile at those. And sigh in relief that I don't have to go there this year. Oh - I'll be busy with WW, you can be sure, but I don't have to actually lose weight. It's been so many years that the previous year's calendar looked like 2003, with it's cryptic little notations, I'm not sure there actually is one that is minus the resolute numbers. How nice.

I look at my fiber stash and wonder if I ought to make resolutions about UFO's and oddball orphans or proper storage. I made quite a few last year - and I don't believe I kept a one. The only one I can actually remember was to start knitting Christmas gifts in July and I didn't do that - and resented resolving that I was going to - and spitefully did something else - dyeing roving, I think. Hmmm. I don't want scolds attached to my fiberjoy. But perhaps I will write down all the things I think I would like to do with fiber sometime in my life. It's as nice to have an inventory of ideas as it is to have the inventory of stuff.

Then there are the clutter resolutions. There have been years when I have lived in such chaos I couldn't even find peace at night. I did a major assessment of my life one year and created a little spiral bound notebook of daily tasks with charts for ticking off completed chores (well, after all, I am a Virgo). I believe it was called a flipper - it had all sorts of little "do it today" tasks for keeping your life in order. Now I think on it, though, it was my soul that was so out of order, and for a rather long time, and probably the work I've done on that has been the most productive, the most positive, I've done in a decade. (thank you Lucy)

Still, I think I will read the FlyLady website and see if I can pick up any good ideas. Okay - now - that sounds like a resolution.

The overall shabbiness of the house won't be improved till it's painted and BD has contracted for that already. We'll stay with LD on the nights when the fumes are too much for us. Some time this summer it's supposed to be all finished, since the painter told us he could only fit us in between jobs and would tackle one room at a time. Nevertheless - once that is done - things ought to look markedly better around here. In fact - maybe a big summer party...?

Maybe I’ll spend the NY holiday looking around for other areas of improvement. Oh - I don't even have to wait that long - since I've already talked to LD about actually packing up and moving out stuff in his old room. We'll tackle that after hunting season is over. It's virtually unchanged since he left for college in 1994. You would not have wanted to know me back then - god I didn't even want to know me back then. Yes - that's a place where resolve will truly be effective. Mind, now, I don't intend to erase all evidence of it’s former occupant. None of the children I know would even want to visit if they couldn't venture into that magic kingdom of William'sRoom. But those high school clothes can be removed - the wardrobe can either be refinished or dumped - that sort of thing.

The thing about NYResolutions I have always loved is that they offer such possiblities! So many opportunities. Like shopping with gift money - who knows what one might come home with - and you're not taking anything away from the family - this is your fun money. Well - we have money to spend, but we also have time to spend and I like the idea of having all those opportunities for my minutes and hours - all those possibilities.

The knitted scarf was finished - on Christmas morning before the D's were interested in presents. It's perfect in every way and is being used daily since the boat is still in the water. I'm fortunate that BD is a great wearer of my knitted gifts. I'm still knitting on LD's second sock - almost at the heel. The red scarf in FURZ was quite appreciated by its recipient and the smoky purpley mohair and silk scarf in dropped stitch, which I knit out of Jens yarn and gave to the one person I knew who was one of those white blondes, was so appreciated my heart glowed and my cheeks blushed. I gave it to the girl who does my nails - a sweet thing who went to school with LD. My eyesight is such that I really can't do an attractive job on my nails anymore. I can do a functional job, but the difference between the professional and the amateur is vast and noticeable. There is a wee bit of guilt attached to spending $ on bi-weekly manicures, but I just somehow feel that when someone else can do a better job than I, and I can afford to pay her, it's somehow juvenile of me accept the inferior just so I can claim I am saving money. It's just so easy to be cheap when there's no reason to be. Better to economize on things I can do for myself and spend $ on things I don't do all that well. Anyway, S adored the scarf, opened it in the shop full of customers and co-workers, put it on, let everybody touch and stroke and try on - and I sat smiling and demurring and lowering my eyelashes in the most southern of displays of modesty, while still allowing pride to shine through.

Eh. Well. There. I am no more noble than the next person. I got enough strokes in the nail salon to last a long, long time.

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