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Tuesday, December 02, 2003  

My Christmas gift to myself this year has been arranged. No. It is not a fiber gift, nor is it clothes nor jewelry, though I had thought long and hard about getting a gold necklace. I will just pick out one and point it out to BD with bold subtlety.

I have repeated myself enough on the subject of gift giving and getting, so it should come as no surprise that I buy something special for me each year. This year it is 5 weight training sessions with a personal trainer at the gym. If that isn’t the jock-est thing I’ve ever done - I don’t want to remember what was. Weight lifting?!? Me!?!

I am descended, down the maternal line, from generations of sitters. My beloved mama did not approve of sweating. I believe her goal, from June through September, was to sit as still as possible and drink celery juice to prevent any of that nasty, sticky sweating. She bore with great patience, the repulsive habit my Dad and I had, of playing tennis on the weekends - and was overjoyed when my violin teacher told her that my wrist would be ruined if I continued to smash and jam it against flying tennis balls. Field hockey? - the only team sport for which I ever showed the slightest aptitude - Impossible! It required staying after school too many days - I had orchestra practice on Tuesdays and lessons on Thursdays.

My dad, on the other hand, is almost manic in his need to move his body and like many guys, even becomes mean if he doesn’t get enough hard physical exercise. BD requires regular doses of HurculeanTasks and LD is just the same. When the say “we’ll walk home from town” honey, that’s a 13 mile walk. In fact, realizing the male need for hard body usage was the first inkling I ever had that Daddy wasn’t crazy - he was just a guy! One of my sisters inherited 100%+ of his extreme physicality and I am no slouch when it comes to getting off my duff. I’m more likely to incorporate it into daily living, but we have always lived half a mile from the mailbox and I carved my garden out of cut-over timberland using hand tools.

But I’ve always known that my upper body strength was - meager at best and with the WW program and the nice weight loss - my skin is sagging on my arms. So I sat down yesterday with the PT gal at the gym and told her I wanted something to tighten up the skin that I could do at home - and of course, she told me you can’t just fix one part of the body - and I knew that and we ended up scheduling the next 5 Mondays to get poor saggybess started down the road to muscular magnificence.

Knitting jock. Hmmm. I believe we need a visual here. Stay tuned.

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