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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Let us sing a song of praise for


Blogger Techie Extaordinaire Prince Of Problem Solving Hero of the Day.

Not only did he fix the posting problem, he went in and finally fixed the archives.

With alacrity!

And courtesy!

And he even answered my e-mails!

As the flowers shower upon his anointed head, may electric impulses always obey his every command, may all coding instantly succumb to his slightest wish, and may his bosses give him a fat raise. This is the first time I’ve gotten such personal, friendly, effective service from blogger ever. Pretty darn good service from the technical department in any business.

Thank You, Eric

As for news from the Life-O-Bess :

Yesterday was a slightly more effective work day for me than Monday. I did pop off my statistical report to the state, fortunately after printing a paper copy of it, ‘cause once you send it, you can’t even see it again till they’ve crunched the numbers and since that’s an outsourced job, it’s none of your business when they do that. And I at least copied the worksheets for the 5-year planning work that has to be done and mailed, by Friday. I am soooooo unstimulated about that. And got stuff ready for story hour. Wednesday does mean Story Hour. Oh yes, and I had a lengthy phone conversation with an affected colleague on the ProfessionalIssueThatEvidentlyWon’tDie. It’s been thrown out into the political ring yet again!!!! How many calories does one burn while throwing a hissy fit?

And of course I created valuable visuals for my blog.

Speaking of calories - my WW meeting was last night and I went down a pound over the Thanksgiving holiday. Woo woo! This would be a smiley moment, only I don’t have smiley faces coding so just insert your favorite *here*. There are now 2.2 lbs of soon to be forgotten Bess lingering and I will be at my goal! Stayed late with the leader, who is really a darling, after class and we talked about things - and about how hard the maintenance is. She laughingly admitted that she tries not to dwell on how much harder it is to maintain than it is to loose - because she doesn’t want to ever discourage anybody - and even though I hear her and somewhere deep in my teensy bit of intelligent heart I suspect she is right, all the rest of me, flush with success, is shaking it’s collective head, thinking, “Oh No Not Me - I am almost finished - almost done - almost free at last.”

Well, I am sure empirical evidence will once again prove to me that reality is what I always suspected it was, not what I always wished it would be. (Virgo-speak, Chapter 3 Dealing with Chronic Doubt) Thanksgiving was not nearly the issue some might have thought it would be. That meal was planned out and sufficient padding cushioned any damage it might have done. It was Saturday’s abandoned excess that shocked me - a day of constant nibbling off of blocks of cheddar cheese and glazed ham. I honestly haven’t any idea how much I packed away, never feeling hungry and never quite feeling full. All that saved me was a ramped-up exercise program that was actually quite delightful and, since I was on holiday, easy to fit into my day. I can only look at it as an object lesson on how easy it would be to return to my former dimensions. When I think that I used to eat like I did on Saturday, pretty much all the time. Good gracious!

I’m more than half way through the red FURZ scarf and have a spinning project I suddenly must begin today. It’s difficult to get much work done during the week. BD is watching the video series about Verdi in the evenings and though it is interesting, it’s also extremely long and a bit amateurish ... didn’t there used to be something called Spaghetti Westerns - well - this is a Spaghetti Biography. It is packed with information and I rather do love Verdi’s operas - have you ever really listened to that duet in Rigoletto when he plots with Sparafucile to murder the duke? The melody is only played by the cellos - it’s too secretive for even the singers to use! It’s really effective.

Anyway - not only does BD like to watch movies, he likes company and he likes to discuss them afterwards. If the movie stinks I walk away but if it is fair to good I frequently stay. Sometimes I resent the theft of my time and sometimes I feel enriched. How do people with television reception ever get anything done?

Ahh well. I am rambling. This is a sure sign it’s time to go do something else. Bon Jour mes amis.

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