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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Lawsee - quarter to 6 already - so what do I do now? I’ve been knitting on a seaman’s scarf - which I think is a logical design - but it is for
MrConservativeLikesEverythingSoLongAsPawpawDidIt and I just imagine him hating the ribbed neckband. (I also imagine him hating being labeled a conservative) It doesn’t look like a scarf. Papa never had a scarf that looked like that. To rip or not to rip - that is the question.

Angst like this over gifts is pretty stupid, but I continue to indulge in it anyway. This is why I always swear and talk and mutter about not making knitted items as gifts - except for knitters - who appreciate what is going on - are interested in innovative ideas - want to see what I’ve been up to - appreciate it for itself and don’t look at it as some sort of comment on them. I know all this - I know I should not put my heart into each gift I make - I even write about it. Heh! and I fall right into the trap every year.

What an idiot.

Eh, well - it is good for people to see me in all my stupidity. Not much opportunity for disappointment then.

I am making BD‘s scarf out of Debbie Bliss’ Cashmarino Aran - which is my new favorite yarn. It’s got that bouncy plush feeling of Aurora8 but it doesn’t split, though it is a multi-strand yarn. I think it is the microfiber content that makes the strands behave. It’s really plush feeling and it’s blue. Yep yep - I quit using the greige/taupe stuff in my stash, because it didn’t make my eyes happy.

Scarves are wonderful to wear and very stylish but I think they are boring to make - so I am glad traditional men’s scarves are short. Even if I do rip, and I really think I shall, it’s just not all that much knitting to do.

Brain cells all around me are beginning to shut down about now - and tensions are mounting. I am seeing snarling going on all over the place - typical Christmas nerves. Since I love Christmas so much and enjoy all it’s possibilities - I am completely flummoxed when I see it bring out the nastiest stuff in otherwise fairly reasonable people. I post on two boards and on both of them, spats have caused shoulder flouncing and foot stamping. Posters who fling out “Good bye cruel world I’m off never to return you wound me so” always make me laugh. I’m inclined to think “good - then I shan’t have to read any more of your angst”. In fact - if I have a clue - I won’t read this sort of post to begin with. Once a comment on a recipe slides into a rant on global agriculture, I exercise my click options. It is not that I think people ought not to post such things - it is that I don’t care to read them. I like my misery and anxiousness to be closer to home - like - will BD be disappointed in the scarf if it doesn’t look like a real scarf.

Think I’ll go froggin’.

posted by Bess | 6:15 AM