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Monday, December 22, 2003  

Just time to pop in and out today. I am madly knitting on scarf'nsock. One sock is finished but for closing the toe, which I shall do after said socks are given. I haven't used this yarn in a long time and don't have the recipient's foot to try it on. I don't mind ripping back and knitting a little more or less foot, but I hate picking out the Kitchener stitch. BD hovered and lingered and cuddled all day yesterday which left me no time to knit on the scarf till late, when I sat behind a chair, by the stove, while he read the paper, and kept the knitting down low in my lap. The next half hour ought to let me get going on the last ball of yarn.

I finally found out why he wanted a scarf, too, after 31 years of living with this guy! no.32 years. Wow!

All the years I've know this man he has been a sail boat man. But about 3 years ago he began the quest for the perfect motor boat. Long, winding, twisting, tortuous paths later, he finally drove home his ideal - and he has plans to take this boat out all year, except in January when we get ice. But putting about in 46 degrees with a 10 knot contrary wind is a serious cold weather sport. Shucks. I could have knit this as a seaman's scarf after all. Well - it's not going to be. And who would have known. After all, who could understand a man after only 32 years?

Was virtuously abstemious at various party functions this weekend or at least, at the food tables arrayed at these functions, and by golly, enjoyed myself tremendously.

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