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Monday, December 08, 2003  

I didn’t think there would be time to post this a.m. ‘cause my prayers have been answered, I’ve been sleeping nice long 8 hour sleeps all weekend. But I zipped through the morning routine so here’s an update on my knitterly activities.

Of course, one should truly never count one’s chickens. I didn’t get a whole day all to myself in the CleanHouse, which isn’t all that clean any more, since on one of their forays, the dogs made a pit stop in a mud puddle, but I got some time and finished both the red lace scarf and the spinning project. I’m back to spinning the lovely merino dyed to look like a sugar maple in October and just before sleep last night I cast on a pair of socks. I really contemplated hard about knitting 2 on 2 but I just know I’ll get frustrated with turning them, catching the inner yarn between two needles and always having to thread the ball back between them. Only one sock - let us hope they knit up fast. I have to ride to D.C. tomorrow (ugh, shudder, groan) so I’ll have a long time in the car going up - it’ll be too dark to see coming home. Maybe. Maybe is about all I can say.

Though I know one ought not wish one’s life away - I will be heartily glad when 6 o’clock Wednesday comes. From that point on I have no obligatory stuff to do at work; only fun stuff. We can be cheery and bright and wish people Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays all day long. Sometimes, during December, I like to see how many people I can make smile when I’m in a store. I push my cart around (mostly the only store I go into is the grocery part of WalMart - that’s about all there is in my little town) sort of looking for what I want, but all the time looking at people and seeing if I can catch their eye - and then I’ll smile and say MC and watch what they do. It’s really neat to see the change - as if whatever burden weighing on a person’s mind is lifted a moment. Their heads lift upwards and most of the time shoulders straighten too. Yeah, I know, it’s manipulative, but it’s also a bit that, I just can’t contain the excitement I feel this time of year. And with the full moon tonight - well - maybe you better stay out of the stores today just in case I happen to be in your WalMart.

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