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Saturday, November 22, 2003  

Yes, Marg, it really was a girly day. At least, it was a girly morning. Being with S makes it impossible to be girly - for she is my lemony girlfriend. BD frequently puzzles that I am so fond of her company but he forgets that running through my veins is pure C 12 H 22 O 11 Someone like S adds a much needed tartness and I know I help sweeten her world a bit.

Got a chance to check out the new yarn shop Lettuce Knit at the old Stony Point shopping center off Huguenot Road. The gals running it are familiar as former employees or habitués (not sure which) of one of the other LYS. They have a small stock and of course, few books, since that is such an expensive inventory item. But they had two things I particularly admire in a shop - a line of gorgeous yarns (Lorna’s Laces, and not just the sock yarn), unique in the Richmond area, and lots of colors of a basic, fairly inexpensive wool (Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun). In fact, since BSNS is the yarn I always start my beginners on and I plan a beginner’s class this winter, I’ll stock up at the new shop when I’m in the city instead of mail-ordering.

I bought two skeins of LL, a boucle and a fine sockwt. in soft turqouisey blues, lavenders and baby yellows to make another scarf like the purple mohair and silk one I’ve been working on (and finished yesterday in the car). The colors cry out to be Mama’s and though I don’t know if she’d wear a scarf - she would enjoy stroking it and looking at it and thinking about wearing it.

A sad tale for me, though, is that, since they don’t carry Addi Turbos, and none of the other shops in the area do either - I can’t just pick up another pair of size 7’s when my most recent purchase disappears into the abyss that is my stash. Since my personal - deeply personal - lust bends towards exclusivity, this is too bad for me. But Bob Kelly at Hunt Country Yarns will ship and he’s open on Sunday - when I am likely to be so desperate for a pair I’d drive 300 miles to sate my craving. Hmmm. come to think of it C hasn’t ever been to HCY......

But I don’t need to shop any more. I have molto tons of stash and forbid myself to spend more $ till I’ve used some of it.

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and it’s traditional for me to do my major grocery shopping today. I confess, though I can get a free range turkey, I shan't. The natural, organic, etc. etc. birds remind me of the hideous dry turkeys of my youth - when even the thigh tasted like breasts. No, I shall buy one from the grocery store. Yes, yes, I like the soaked, pre-treated, frozen-then-thawed, turkey-lite taste of a big frozen Butterball. I know. But hey - I don’t eat Snicker’s bars. And I’ll make up for it with tasty free range chickens from the same source - another day. (Here, Bess confesses she doesn’t even like wild turkey.)

A deep cleaning is required too - since we have guests, who can’t be with us on Thursday, coming tomorrow night. So once home from town I shall stuff cotton balls into rubber gloves and hit the dust - and spider webs - and other accumulations a country house gathers 10 days after SomeoneElse has cleaned it.

Oh yes - Sax does smell as good as I thought - but that’s about all I can say for it. Maybe someone would feel pleased, or proud, or even arrogantly snobbish, wearing a $500 sweater but unless I had knit it myself from quiviut I had spun on HeyBaby, so as to prolong the tactile experience and display my artistic creativity and crafty skills - I would not. What say? How about a $400 t-shirt nightgown?

posted by Bess | 7:15 AM