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Wednesday, November 12, 2003  

We're making the interesting adjustment to having LD live next door. He's moving in slowly, most of the furniture is still cammed into our house and Mount Stuffmore resides in his old bedroom, but he isn't here in the morning to take walks with or share a breakfast. So far he's still having dinner with us, a treat for us all since we get to hear about his day, and in the dark, BD and the dogs are walking back with him. I quit midnight walks years ago when the ortho told me I had trashed my ankles. "As in, let's cut them off and throw them away?" I asked and he said "Basically, yes."

I gave a repeat of my Color workshop to the Tuesday Night Knitters last night - and it's different with a small group. Both kinds of groups, big and small, are fun, but they really are different. Everybody oood and ahhhd over the knitted wire and bead necklace and they all want a class. Where is that Fire Mountain catalog?

WW was a triumph too - because I only gained 1 lb at GMT. Seems everybody gained last week ... no, one successful member slid down past another 5 lb goal. Thinking back, I totally enjoyed every meal there except the last one. For that one, I was neither hungry nor did I really enjoy food I ate - somthing to think about now. It seems strange to me that I really would eat when I had absolutely no appetite. I haven't done that in 6 months and truely, I didn't enjoy it. What is this mixed message - make pleasure miserable? Weird. Anyway - back up to 6 lbs from goal. Back on the program.

I diddled around with the fibers I bought at the retreat - a black shetland/mohair mix that spins very fine - Lace? I think so. And the gorgeous Romeldale - it spins up thin or thick and either way it's got a cushiony spring to it that makes me feel so snuggly cozy. Knitting away too, on the lavender lace scarf - very popular last night at the knitting group.

So. A lovely day off - and now it's hump day - with a 4 o'clock meeting but nothing else too strenuous. Wednesday means story hour you know.

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