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Friday, November 21, 2003  

Today is a wonderful day. It is a Not only - but also (one of my favorite grammatical constructions) day. Thus, it is a day full of promise and possibility.

First of all - it is the day of my monthly haircut - which I can promise you, means my hair is falling into my face and hanging limp and close about my head, except where static electricity makes wisps float about like thin fine medusa locks. The water in the little town where I work, and get haircuts, is extremely soft. Newcomers have the worst time adjusting to it. It’s very difficult to rinse soap off with it and woe betide anyone foolish enough to use fabric softener in the laundry. It wrecks havoc with my hair on hair-cut day, no matter the skill with which Brenda wields her scissors, but one day of looking shorn and bare is more than compensated for by 21 days of being able to pretty much forget about hair. Almost like being a guy. The last week, the wonders of chemistry pretty much keep my bangs out of my eyes. (how did the word bangs come to mean the hair cut above your eyebrows, - hmmm I think I shall look that up - People used to call it a Lunatic Fringe - an easy to comprehend moniker)

Well so. I just visited the OED and the term “bang”, used for the cut hair across the forehead comes from an American slang expression of the 1880’s, to “cut one’s hair bang off

Gad - I really must put Miss Austen aside.

The other lovely thing is that I get my nails done at the sweetest redneck feminine establishment one could imagine. It’s a totally girl place - the nail gallery and tanning salon. I always feel like I’ve strayed into a Mae West movie when I’m there. I adore the gossip. I delight in the colors and I am completely taken aback when the local state trooper comes in for his spell on the tanning bed. He looks so incongruous in his trooper-blue with smoky the bear hat. I once commented on it to Debbie and she said “yeah, he thinks the tan makes him look more manley, I guess”.

There is always a little dachshund in the shop, since Debbie raises them and a yummy selection of sterling silver jewelry, bracelets, mostly, but other things as well. Fortunately for my wallet, I am too sallow to wear silver. The girl who does my nails went to school with LD and she’s always interested in news about him. He’s been bragged into mythical proportions and I am wondering how I shall ever show him off to these women - for all of them are longing to see him. But a nail gallery is definitely not a place either of my guys would ever think to enter, so stratagems will need to be devised.

Since my virgo nature loves a predictable schedule, which my ENFP nature thoroughly appreciates, though frequently compromises, every 4 weeks both these events fall on the same day. There is something so utterly pampering about having someone fiddle about with my extremities - all to the benefit of my greater beauty, of course.

But the loveliest thing of all is that it is time for my annual post-birthday celebration with a particular girlfriend. Her work schedule keeps her out of town all fall and all spring, so she misses my birthday every year. When she’s at last released from her travels, she and I take a day and go somewhere lovely for lunch and puttering. Usually we go to our favorite, Colonial Williamsburg, and amble down the cobbled walks to peer at another era. Other years we dive through the historical buildings in Fredericksburg. She went to college there and has piquant memories of that town. This year we are going to Richmond to try out a restaurant she’s discovered. Eh. So. She shall not actually be trying it out, but I shall. And I shall take her to the new Sax 5th Ave. store that smells like the old Miller and Rhodes - the downtown one - we both remember from years gone by. It’s not the sort of place we would actually spend money in, but we’re just going to sniff. Sniffs are free.

BTW did you know this is available now?

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