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Tuesday, November 18, 2003  

Oh. Yeah. Well, obviously I went to that meeting so I'd be in the city afterwards and you must know, just a little way down the road is a bead shop where one can spend entirely too much money stocking up on supplies and books and tools. Yeah. Right.

A particularly lowering experience watching people pretend to be oh so polite and complimentary and grateful for all you've done, while they shut you out of the clique, was had by moi yesterday and I do think that's about the last time I have to experience it, now that a professional issue is finally put into it's coffin - where everyone hopes the silver stake will remain firmly in its heart, till another decade passes - and it can be ressurected (by Va. code, thank you) and disected again. I intend to be retired by that time - lord willing. Of course - it may not have flailed it's last flail - the legislature sits this January and That Body, well - one never knows what that group of interesting folk will do. I've seen the most convoluted legislature get passed.

And as proof that one can wring a profit out of any situation, I discovered, out of that farcical gyration yesterday, I had two supporters, who just happen to be the 2 people I most admire on the entire board. Unknown to me - at that - and that little bit of knowledge is like a gem discovered in the dust. Sparkley and lovely and ... a treasure. Proof that the greatest things are often the intangables.

Eh. well. As H likes to say: "They're our kind of people."

Anyway I don't have to endure anymore crocodile smiles and Austen-like civilities. And I do get to make lovely beadish things.

The purple scarf is coming along nicely - should finish it by the weekend. I didn't dye up enough superwash - nor did I spin it fine enough, to make a pair of socks. I'm not quite sure what I'll make of it - but I'll post a scan of the yarn later today.

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