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Friday, November 07, 2003  

Like everyone else headding to the KRRetreat, I’m dashing about packing and stuffing and stupidly wishing I’d started the packing list last week instead of trying to scribble down everything I think I may need. I know I’ll take more than I do need. And leave home things I really wish I’d brought. Heh.

Pretty much packed, with visuals, paper handouts, half finished samples, two real sweaters knit by self; wearing one - to demonstrate why I need short rows in my sweaters - the other will be Flidas.

I’m not taking Hey Baby because she won’t fit in the car. Or rather, the only place she’ll fit is being taken up by a giant color wheel. I do have both spindles.

woops. LD just came downstairs and asked “ya wanna go fer a walk?”


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