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Thursday, November 27, 2003  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope your holiday plans are full and rich. This holiday has always been LD‘s favorite and eventually it became the entire family’s favorite because he enjoys it so much. It is nearly always spent here at home and begins on Wednesday, when I bake 4 pumpkin pies. There will be nothing left of them by Friday night, although most of the dinner guests on Thursday will be too full to eat any.

Crack-O-Dawn Thursday, I’ll start mixing up an enormous bowl of bread stuffing. The turkey is popped in the oven about 8:30. Not much else to do cooking-wise till about 12:30 so I’ll give the house a once over and then take an enormous long walk - possibly all the way out to Robert’s landing, but maybe over to LD‘s house with the dogs. Sometime in the morning LD‘s friend from the submarine will pull in and I hope they’ll head over here soon after. Shower and dress just before noon - then set the table. Potatoes go in at 1:30, just after the turkey comes out. Guests have been told to arrive anytime they like, but that we sit down at 2:30 on the dot.

I like to have dinner early so that there’s still daylight time to take a long long walk out to Robert’s landing. The forecast for today has been for afternoon showers, but a quick check with predicts only clouds. This is best of all, since a glowing sunset is prettiest with clouds on the horizon. We’ll walk down the lane, past my praying place, turn at Jacob’s Gut, walk down past the west woods and the Cedar tree and onto Robert’s farm - down the deep ravine where the King of Holly Trees lives and up the slope to Robert’s Landing - an old wharf site where lighters would come in from the steamboats to load produce and passengers, while dropping off store bought goods and returning families, all the way from Baltimore.

That post-prandial walk is the most important part of Thanksgiving for me. I love the idea of a whole troupe of strollers ambling across the countryside. I wish I had a photograph of us, silhouetted against the setting sun, black figures against orange streaks, walking in twos or threes with some few little ones running between one piggy back offer and the next.

As darkness falls, we’ll gather again - in the stuffed little room that is now a living room instead of a dining room. Helpful hands will heap the dishes in the kitchen and extra pillows will be tossed on the floor so there’ll be room for everyone. This year D‘s mother wants to bring a keyboard and sing show tunes. Though this is not my preferred instrument, or even music, she is a preferred person and we have encouraged her to share.

Eventually all guests will depart - even LD this year - a first, since so long as he’s been here, he’s lived with us. Now he lives next door and we bid him good-bye as well. BD and I will crawl into bed and talk about the day - and he will sleep late the next morning and I shall not. It’s ever the same.

Now - sorry about yesterday’s double post. Something weird is happening between my computer and Blogger. I can’t see Wednesday’s post at all in the edit mode. I couldn’t yesterday either and so I “posted” twice. Who knows what is going on - but I will “post” this only once. Eventually I can see it when I click my own address, but it is hidden in blogger’s editor.

Well. It is technology I guess. Like some foreign religion - I can respect if, even if I don’t follow it.

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