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Sunday, November 30, 2003  

Every man should have a daughter. Or ... at least my man should have had a daughter. I would have loved having one (or more) too, for that matter, but we were not so fortunate as to have one. I do have cousins and in-laws who would lend me their daughters in the past and for years we would hold what BD called Bess’ Girls’ Camp. One precious niece spent most of her teen summers with me and several others had a standing one week summer visit.

One young girl whom BD has wanted to keep for a visit, goodness, nigh on to 10 years now, is R‘s daughter. R has a long history with BD and me, since we three met at college in the ark ages. Though we never fought over BD, she did see his enormous potential and eventually found her own musical land surveyor named Edward who lived on Rt. 631, only, in Madison Co, instead of Essex. And when the two men finally met, lo - turns out they’re distant cousins (this is, after all, Virginia!!) and it also turns out BD‘s grandfather had bought the old Burkeville place (homeplace of DistantCousin‘s family (as I said, this is Virginia), back in the ‘oughts, after he returned from Louisiana and married Dr. Wright’s daughter.

Anyway, BD has had a crush on R‘s daughter since she first showed him how to climb the mountain behind her house. It’s just never turned out that he could get her down for a visit. The plan is that she and her pal will come for a week at called Bess’ Girls’ Camp next summer, for a week of swimming and spinning and answering phones at the library. But , BD couldn’t wait that long so last night he wheedled a sleepover for th girls out of all responsible adults. LD spent the evening with us and wicked poker games littered the living room floor while the dogs watched DogTV (translation: lay with their heads against the base of the wood stove). When I realized they were staying up late in hopes that the tide would come in and they could, at last, go on a moonlight boat ride, I slipped off to bed with the winter edition of Knitters Magazine. I do moonlight swims in the summer, but I don’t do moonlight boat rides when it’s 35 degrees outside.

Everyone’s asleep now - unless LD, another superior morning person, is prowling around at his place. He and I shall go visit my parents today while , BD takes the girls back home.

And yes - R brought her Louet wheel yesterday. I really like that wheel and quickly spun up some very fine lace weight wool in Orange - a tiny sample I had - just to see how fine a yarn that wheel would spin. R has had the wheel a long time, but hadn’t really gotten into the swing of spinning - I hope my lesson yesterday will start her down the road to stashdom. She’s actually a far better craftswoman than I and I suspect that once started, she’ll be a magnificent spinner.

I’m working hard to keep any feeling of let-down at bay. I have so thoroughly enjoyed my days at home that the thought of going back to work is utterly depressing. So - of course - I shan’t think about it at all. I’ll think about it tomorrow - at Tara.

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