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Wednesday, November 05, 2003  

Days to the KRRetreat are melting so fast I can barely catch my breath. I’m no way near ready and getting to that panic point where I don’t care either. I must keep reminding myself that the whole thrust behind the retreat is for a bunch of happy knitters to get together and share knowledge. Just that blabbermouth here offered to be the one standing up, looking as if I know something. Idioto.

Beautiful Precious Angel Baby Darling Only Son (PABDOS) got in Monday, complete with North Dakota Cold, and has filled the house with more sweet joy than ever. Of particular delectable happiness is the fact that he’s here to stay a while. No ship on deployment, no standing watch, just pure sweet opportunity to try a new path in life. He told us on his way back east he stopped in Blacksburg, where he went to college, and went to a favorite spot in the New River, and stood on the rocks, remembering the last time he had been there - a young man excited about becoming a Naval Officer. Now, 6 years later he was back, with the knowledge that he’d come full circle - had set out to accomplish something and had done it, and had put it to rest.

I have always loved watching this boy. From the moment he was born he fascinated me. Our eyes connected that dreadful day in the delivery room, and all the hideous doctors (county health Drs. who treated me like trailer trash who ought to have been sterilized, not delivered - but that is another story) melted away. Of course, I expected to like my own child, and I was reeeeeeeeeeeeealy ready for babies, but with LD, man - we began laughing at the same jokes from the git-go.

All through my pregnancy, old country housewives would say “he’ll be comp’ny for you” and I would smile and nod and murmur. But they were beyond right. He was - in some odd ways, the best friend I ever had. We loved - and still do love - to “walk and talk”, as he would put it. “come on, Mom, let’s walk ‘n’talk” he said as a wee one, and still says today. One year he went to a day camp in town and the director said to me “it is so weird to hear your jokes come out of his mouth”.

One of the favorite things we used to do was to analyze the world. If we were in a store and got stuck in a long line at the cashier we would talk about how we would fix this problem if we were in charge. When things went wrong at school, we’d talk about what could have motivated the people involved to behave the way they did. And he loved for me to tell him The Story of My Birthday - which was a somewhat gentled version of his birth. Oh - he knows I’d still run over the DR. that delivered him, but he also got the good parts - like the nurse who, when she heard what we were naming him, said “Sounds like a president” and he loved the part when the OR nurse called my mom, when it was all over, and said, “L! We managed to save both the mother and the baby! Where were you?” This little tale was part of his birthday ritual - because that was the day Grandma’s dog ate all the chickens and our dog Holly had puppies too. It was a day of Birth and Death exrodinaire.

I only once saw this fellow crushed by anything and that, only for one night. He was, and still is, the most optimistic person. He’s determined and resourceful and loves to solve problems, but he’s flexible enough to change directions when he’s up against a brick wall. He’s just pure pleasure for this mama.

Whew. I didn’t now all that would pour out but what the heck, this is my blogg after all. I can brag all I want. Besides, it’s true.

Exciting good news for me diet wise. Last night at WW the scales showed a hefty drop of 2.2 lbs. Less than 5 lbs to go to my goal. Whew. Of course, Graves Mountain Lodge’s kitchen is waiting up ahead, this weekend. This is going to take some serious planning.

And now - off to work on samples again.

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