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Thursday, November 13, 2003  

Couldn't get into blogger this morning - probably a good thing since I don't have much to say. Just that I got through a meeting for which none of us were particularly prepared, the library board president, a.k.a. my boss, suddenly looked at me and said "you're so thin", to which I answered "thank you" and poor thing thought I was being sarcastic. "You're not getting too stressed out over your parents, are you?" he asked.

Sweet but unobservant, no? I mean, we see each other once a week. He's also my lawyer, so we also see each other outside of my job. Besides, this is truly a one horse town - certainly a 2 restaurant town (if you don't count fast food) But there you have it - we really shouldn't be so concerned about our looks - after all, who's really even looking? ("Rright?" Bess says to Bess)

Do you realize it is 2 weeks to Thanksgiving? Sheesh.

Spun a bit more on the blue cashmere/merino from Jen. I'm still thinking of knitting it as a single, especially since most of it has been on the bobbin so long it's lost most of it's torque. I really want to clear that bobbin out too. Got plans for that wheel of mine. But probably I ought to order some extra bobbins too. 4 just ain't enough.

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