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Friday, November 14, 2003  


At least, I have beads on the brain. Ever since the retreat I’ve been drooling over the necklace Annie showed me how to make and wondering if I can make more before Christmas. One of my library board members makes jewelry and she brought me the Fire Mountain catalog yesterday - pant, pant, lust, lust. I’ve tried to get them to send me the catalog but so far, nada - but I thought maybe if I called and placed an order......?

And there is a bead shop in Richmond - haven’t been there, but I hear it’s on Cary Street, which is always a treat to visit - and I have to go to R. on Monday.....

Of course, I need more stuff in this house like I need a bead hole drilled into it. The weekend, the sweet, blessed, gift of the weekend, looks to be an interesting one. LD tells me he’s going to move a lot of his stuff over to his house on Sunday. I think I’ll give Saturday over to reorganizing my fiber corner. It’s gotten progressively more jumbled this fall - to the point where I don’t know where any knitting needles other than the size 11’s are - you know, the size I never use! I’m also going to twine up the blue angora/merino/silk - or perhaps ply it - and get on with some other things. There are a few gifty sort of projects I’d like to get behind me before Thanksgiving, when my only girlfriend from college is supposed to come with her daughters for a day of spinning and boating.

Yep yep - winter boating. It’s a guy thing. And a teen thing. Why anybody would want to sit on a cold metal seat that is sitting on cold river water, and let cold, skin-wrinkling wind whip his face into leather, is beyond me - but then - I’m neither a guy nor a teenager. Besides, I do know why the teens want to go out with LD. I mean, they’re 13 and he’s a Man but not one of Dad’s old geezer friends.

R and I will stay indoors and knit and spin and talk about important things like - how glad we are to be together and how funny it was to do the things we did back in college.

It’s a wee bit difficult to accept that Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away and Christmas, less than 6. Looks like we’re going to have a smaller crowd for T day and I get more time off - time to prepare - which means time to get the worst of the spiders out of the kitchen. That’s usually an October chore - no point in getting to it before cold weather comes. But October for me was a family month and the house suffered. Sheryl has promised me a Saturday morning in early December when, together, we’ll clean out the kitchen cabinets and trash all the mealy stuff hidden there. I think I’ll tackle the cabinets above the sink too - the high ones where there are some really dusty yard-sale items moldering away.

Well, time is scampering away from me. I’m from that generation who remembers when 1984 was way up ahead, and now it’s longer ago than it was when it was up ahead! Sigh. Probably not a good idea to think about that. Ahh well. What I shall think about is that fabulous braid of hand-dyed wool I got last weekend. Wouldn’t it feel lovely running through my fingers? Life is sweet.

Pizza for dinner tonight.

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