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Wednesday, October 22, 2003  

When LD was a little one we had a little bedtime routine. He would say “Tell me my things.” and I would start:

M: Love you so much.
LD: Love you so much.
M: Tell you my dreams.
LD: Tell you my dreams.
M: See ya in the morning.
LD: See ya in the morning.
M: Tomorrow is Wednesday.
LD: Wednesday means?

This week, Wednesday means hump day. And Library Board meeting day. And Story hour day. Somehow when I think about that little routine it’s always Wednesday, but there were other days that meant other things. It was really just a way of sending him off to sleep with happy dreams about tomorrow, whatever tomorrow brought. Just that Wednesday always meant story hour day. It’s nice that 25 years later it still means story hour day.

So - been mighty full of kiddy lit lately, with no promise that I’m finished with it yet. But I’ll curtail the topic today, limiting it to the mention of a single book: Sophie’s Masterpiece by Eileen Spinelli.

Sophie is a spider and she is a fiber artist too. I shan’t spoil it for you - it’s just a little picture book tale. I’ve developed a craft that goes with the book when I use it in story hour. I’ll just say, slide on down to your public library and give it a read. And maybe take it home with you. If you’re lucky enough to have a wee one in your life, you might even want to buy a copy for Christmas - that is - if you’re uncomfortable buying kiddy books for yourself.

I’ve just about succumbed to a purchase - I think I must buy some Noro Kuryeon at last. I’ve been lusting over the sweater in the fall Knitters made from this yarn. If I weren’t so lazy I’d go upstairs and look at my copy, but I think it’s called Round the Bend. Whatever it is called it takes 8 balls of Kureyon and if I want the colors to match the way they do in the photo (I do) I’ll need 2 extra ones. That’s $80 worth of yarn. hrm. Well. It’s payday today, but I bet if I call Carodan farms they’ll special order in 10 balls for me and bring it to the Retreat on Nov. 8. I can wait that long and avoid shipping. hmmm. hmmm. well. I am in a shopping mood.

I squeaked down the last .2 lbs last night to make it an even 30 lbs lost. A very good feeling indeed. Nicest of all, the substitute leader who had also been subbing back in May when I joined WW lead last night’s meeting. I got the chance to tell her exactly how she gave me what I needed to make this successful weight loss journey. It’s nice to give positive feedback where it is really deserved.

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