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Saturday, October 18, 2003  

Well, my dear friends,

I am back home this weekend. A visit with my parents to take Daddy to the dr. was very reassuring. I would say they are now merely fragile, and not in imminent danger of another crisis. Lawsee I wish we had molecular transporters so that I could be beamed to their place easily instead of having to put 4 hours of driving into the equation.

All prayers are most warmly welcomed, along with any other positive energy efforts. I thank you so much for your gifts.

I have been thinking a lot lately about creativity - and how it works within me. I have a major project coming up and though I believe the main components have existed in my brain for months, I’ve been unable to see all the steps involved to reach success. I’ve merely been letting it all "cook" in my brain. Suddenly, and fortunately, in the past 2 days, it all clicked.

No. It didn’t all click. More components clicked into place. Yes. That’s more accurate. Lots more components. No matter what project I am working on, no matter what stage it is in, what drives the work is a certain intellectual curiosity and creative confidence pulsing within my spirit. I have to be curious and confident. I think of the projects I've succeeded with - and not just the knitting ones - and they all began with a question - "Can this be done? or "How would someone do that?". Sometimes these questions are just idle playthings I use to while away a boring drive on an interstate, or a long night of insomnia. Sometimes they are in response to someone else’s direct thrust. The questions may live within me for a long time - often plucked up as a topic for rumination while I drive to work - sometimes before I go to bed. Who knows how many of these unanswered, but living questions lurk in my brain. However many, suddenly I'll see or read or hear something that clicks with one of those unanswered questions and PoW! Confidence. There is this certain knowledge that I can do that or this or whatever. It's then that I have to give conscious time to the issue if I want it to develop any further, although, since so many of my creative projects stem from these Eureka moments, I sometimes forget that even after the flash of enlightenment occurs, some projects will need serious step-by-step planning.

I have a so much faith in my ability to put things together in my subconscious that sometimes I leave myself little time to actually reach my goal. Frequently that initial Eurika! is enough for the whole plan to roll out before me, like some magic carpet, or yellow brick road. But often enough, I need several more mini-Eureka! moments to get me along the way. I’ll put the hard thinking into something till it gets blocked, then I have to put it away - slide it back into the subconscious - and let it “cook”. I may not take time out of the day to think on the project, but, like something baking in the oven, I’m aware of it all the time. After all, I don’t park a chair in front of the stove.

Anyway, it looks like enough mini-Eureka! moments have occurred over the past few days to enable me to do the conscious creative work. And I have a weekend right before me. I have some other duties to take care of today as well, but tomorrow - ahh - yes. Tomorrow will be one of those concious creative days. What a lot of fun.

posted by Bess | 7:48 AM