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Thursday, October 23, 2003  

Prize Winner

I am so excited. My 4H girl took a 2nd place in the Virginia State Fair crafts competition! What a wonderful bit of news. I’ve been so scarce the past few weeks she hadn’t gotten around to telling me. She had knitted a small purse with a button flap. She’d made the button out of Fimo so the whole project was 100% hand-crafted. Ooo Ooo such a wonderful bit of news. The whole 4H program, last year’s students as well as the Extension agency, is cock-a-whoop with excitement too.

That good news is important, ‘cause the other news in my life is not good. Daddy is back in hospital with fluid on his brain. Not unexpected, but a terrible disappointment. He was admitted on Tuesday, examined on Wed., will be operated on today and by god I hope he will not get shipped out on Fri. Well, I doubt they’d send him home directly from ICU but I don’t really have much of an opinion of the medical world. Technologically it’s certainly impressive, but it is not very humane. Anybody who’s read Bossy Little Dog will know what I’m talking about.

So, it’s off to Richmond for me again today. This time I will take my knitting with me. I shan’t be staying the night anyway, unless there is a sudden downward turn. Instead, I’ll be back on the weekend.

Another bit of really happy good news was a postcard from Margaret from Italy!! I can’t wait to see her photos when we meet up in November at Clara’s Retreat.

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