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Wednesday, October 29, 2003  

Pressure continues to mount concerning my parents. Not much I can say about it till I talk to my sister today. Just that it’s terribly difficult. What we’ve done up to now has been easy in comparison to what we face. I want to run and hide. rats.

Weird, too, that in this time of shifting responsibilities, when I have to do stuff I hate doing, which is mostly making decisions for others, the rest of my life is pretty nice. I’ve never had so much fun with BD. Delicious cool rainy dark days make me feel even more snugly homebody. The county just announced their holiday closing schedule and I get lots of time off this year. LD is coming home next week. And the nicest people are just hugging me with their care and concern. Yes. You all know who you are. You are wonderful.

Eh. No cloud, right?

Plugging away on the program for the KRRetreat. Ought to have everything down pat by Sunday night. Then a couple of days to let it settle. If I didn’t have a home situation to dread, I’d be so excited about this retreat. I’ll be visiting with old friends and making new ones. It will be enormous fun.

Confession here - with the other demands on my attention, (you should see my desk at work - even I am embarrassed by this much clutter) - I haven’t even touched my wheel in ages. It looks so forlorn. And the heaps and piles of roving just begging to be spun seem a little sad along the den wall. Last night, as we watched a movie in the den, they sort of whimpered from the corner. So many plans unfulfilled.

But this is enough to make me decide to postpone the Kureyon purchase. Well - that and the fact that I dropped $$$$$$ on new clothes last weekend. If, when I get around to making that round-the-bend sweater, the color is no longer available, I think I could spin up my own.

‘nother confession - gained back the .2 lb I lost last week. So, hey, who cares about .2 lbs, right? Not even I do, that much. Think, though, I’ll spend a little time soul searching and see if I can get back on the down elevator this week.

Gad this is so dull. Where are my wits?

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